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The International Archive of Women Architects has maintained and preserved the records of women in architecture for 20 years. For information about noted individuals in architecture or related fields, visit the IAWA Biographical Database.
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Gail McMillan
DLA Director
(540) 231-9252
Newman 2036

Collin Brittle
Systems Engineer
(540) 231-0031

Jay Chen
Computer Systems Analyst
(540) 231-3028

Keith Gilbertson
Digital Technologies Development Librarian
(540) 231-9049

Nathan Hall
VTechWorks Librarian
(540) 231-1751
Newman 2038

Anne Lawrence
Online Editor
(540) 231-9320

Paul Mather
DLA Systems Administrator
(540) 231-6383

Kimberli Weeks
DLA Technical Director
(540) 231-2674

D. Jane Wills
DLA Assistant
(540) 231-3028
Newman 2038

Zhiwu Xie
Digital Technologies Development Librarian
(540) 231-4453

Kiran Chitturi
Graduate Assistant 2012/13

Sunshin Lee
Graduate Assistant 2012/13

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