Technology for All Americans Project

Standards Team

The Standards Team will propose, evaluate, and recommend the content of the standards. The Standards Team is comprised of three subteams (one team for grades K-2 and 3-5, one team for grades 6-8, and one team for grades 9-12) with a leader and recorder appointed for each. The team is made up of classroom teachers, supervisors, teacher educators from technology education, elementary administrators, and representatives from math, science, and engineering.

K-2/3-5 Subteam

Jane Wheeler, Leader
Monte Vista Elementary School
Rohnert Park, CA

Michael Wright, Recorder
University of Missouri-Columbia

Clare Benson
University of Central England
Birmingham, United Kingdom

Kristin Callender
Deane Elementary School
Lakewood, CO

Linda Hallenbeck
East Woods School
Hudson, OH

Jane Hill
Brazosport Independent School District
Freeport, TX

Stephan Knobloch
Crossfield Elementary School
Herndon, VA

Connie Larson
John Wetton Elementary School
Gladstone, OR

Kathy Thornton
University of Virginia

6-8 Subteam

Franzie Loepp, Leader
Illinois State University

Brigitte Valesey, Recorder
Walter Johnson High School
Bethesda, MD

William Ball
Clague Middle School
Ann Arbor, MI

Barry Burke
Montgomery County Public Schools
Rockville, MD

Denise Denton
University of Washington

Michael Hacker
The MSTe Project
Stony Brook, NY

Chip Miller
Century High School
Hillsboro, OR

Tonia Schofield
Sylvan Middle School
Atlanta, GA

Leon Trilling
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

9-12 Subteam

Rodney Custer, Leader
Illinois State University

Anthony Gilberti, Recorder
Indiana State University

Robert Daiber
Triad High School
St. Jacob, IL

Jeffrey Grimmer
Mankato East High School
Mankato, MN

Norman Hackerman
The Robert A. Welch Foundation
Houston, TX

Michael Jensen
Paonia High School
Paonia, CO

Michael Mino
The Gilbert School
Winsted, CT

Scott Warner
Lawrenceburg High School
Lawrenceburg, IN

George Willcox
Virginia Department of Education

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