Presentations about DLA and SCP

Presentations by Gail McMillan, director, Digital Library and Archives and others, including John Eaton, Associate Provost for Graduate Studies, Virginia Tech and Eileen Hitchingham, Dean, University Libraries, Virginia Tech

Society for Scholarly Publishing Annual Conference "Back to the Future: Publishing for the Third Millennium"

"Open Archives Initiative" June 1, 2000 Plenary Panel on New Initiatives in Scholarly Communications
"Library Collection and Access Issues in the Third Millennium" June 1, 2000, Concurrent Session
Panel/presentors: Paul Metz, VT; Kathy Perry, VIVA; Jim Neal, Johns Hopkins; moderator: Gail McMillan
"Archiving Digital Content" June 2, 2000 Concurrent Session
Panel/presentors: Deanna Marcum, CLIR; Andrea Keyhani, OCLC; Gail Hodge, IIA; moderator: Gail McMillan

"The Digital Library: Without a Soul Can It Be a Library?"

Plenary presentation at Books and Bytes: Technologies for the Hybrid Library, VALA 2000 Conference (Victorian Association for Library Automation, Melbourne, Australia), Feb. 17, 2000

"Background Issues: to Your Electronic Full-text Aggregator Databases and Publishing Agencies,"
Eileen Hitchingham, Dean, University Libraries, Virginia Tech, Jan. 7, 2000
VIVA Access to Electronic Journals from Aggregator Sources, Virginia Commonwealth University.

"Put the Library in Digital Library"
Presentation for the 1999 Association of College and Research Libraries' conference, 'Racing Toward Tomorrow," Detroit, April 9, 1999
"Digital Libraries Support Distributed Education" -- full paper prepared prior to the conference for panel responses at the time of the above presentation

"Library Services and Resources for the University Community" (text and some illustrations)

'Strategie sur la bibliothè virtuelle dans le contexte actuel' for the Séminaire residentiel de formation à l'intention de directeurs de grandes bibliothè Suisse, Jongny, Switzerland, Oct. 23, 1998

Virginia Tech's Scholarly Communications Project

Digital Libraries in Practice: Issues and Ideas, workshop sponsored by the Digital Library Research Group, College of Library and Information Services at the University of Maryland College Park, March 25, 1998

Libraries Address the Challenges of Asynchronous Learning
Joanne Eustis and Gail McMillan. Journal of Asynchronous Learning Networks, Vol. 2, Issue 1/March 1998

"Technology Initiatives and Organizational Change: Higher Education in a Networked World," CAUSE '97, Orlando, Florida, Dec. 4, 1997; with Joanne Eustis, (accompanying slides)
Joanne Eustis and Gail McMillan
presentation at CAUSE '97, Orlando, Florida, Dec. 4, 1997 accompanying slides

CAUSE is an association for managing and using information resources in higher education.

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