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Volume 17, Number 3
July 1963

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Great Lakes Chapter Fourth Annual Show Report, 1963
Daphne F. Scott, Show Chairman

        The fourth annual Great Lakes Chapter Rhododendron Show was held this year for the first time in Pittsburgh, May 22 and 23, in conjunction with the Garden Market. In spite of the worst winter in one hundred years in which temperatures were at least 10 degrees below normal, (Pittsburgh and Cleveland had 23 below), and a hard frost in May, 'a fantastic display was assembled in the Garden Center.
        The quantity, quality and incredible variety of trusses and plants of both Rhododendrons and Azaleas thrilled and delighted an audience of the thousands of people from many miles around Pittsburgh who attend the Market each year. All classes but four were filled and some to overflowing and the specimen balled and burlapped plants exceeded in number that of any previous show with almost a hundred exhibited. Sub-divisions had to be created in two classes to properly judge the variety of trusses and a special class for tender exhibits was created.
        The staging committee, Mrs. Joshua Whetzel, Mrs. George Ketchum, Mrs. Theodore Elterich and Mr. Louis Wissenbach did a superb job of setting up the two rooms and many tables for the exhibits. Flanking the entrance to the show was a special display of sixty-three specimen plants of iron-clad varieties by Aart Vuyk and Dorothy Burnheimer of Musser Forests. A special trophy was won by this exhibit for The Outstanding Rhododendron Display. In the main room a central table was reserved and spotlighted for the trophies and each blue ribbon award. A special award was given to Mrs. Hildreth Dexter of the Landscape Design Society for an exquisite Japanese garden planted with species Rhododendrons loaned by one of our members. At intervals between the tables pedestal flower arrangements were created especially for the show by the members of the Pittsburgh Guild of Flower Arrangers.
        Chairman of judges, Lewis Lipp and his committee, Peter Girard, David Leach, Louis Martin, Aart Vuyk, Mrs. Peter Loesch, A. M. Shammarello and Orlando Pride with the help of judges scribes, Bruce Ashcraft and Mrs. Theodore Elterich, gave the following trophies.
        The First President's cup for Best in Show went to Richard Fennichia for an exhibit of R. maximum X 'Pink Pearl'. Excellent dark green foliage was crowned with trusses of purest white on this specimen plant.
        The Best Catawbiense in the Show went to B. F. Ailes for a truss of clearest pink.
        Trophy for the Best Hybrid Rhododendron not Shown Before went to Peter Girard for a cross of 'Blue Peter' X 'Lee's Dark Purple,' no. G-73-B. This bicolor of intense blue had a blotch of bold blackish purple.
        A new cup, The Missouri-Kansas Award, donated by Carl Penzel, Harry Seevers and Clarence Barbre was won by A. M. Shammarello. This award is given to the best pink Rhododendron truss of H-1 classification and was won with 'Pinnacle', a perfectly formed truss of clear and silvery pink.

Special awards went to the following exhibitors:
        A. M. Shammarello for B-46-R, a large red truss, and also for a beautiful specimen plant with white blooms. 'Bess Howells'.
        David Leach for a clear red truss of the first hardy R. forrestii cross, 'Fanfare' X ('Prometheus' x R. forrestii).
        Crystalaire Evergreen Nurseries won a special award with a glowing red truss of No. A A-17 for Weldon Delp.

Cut Trusses
1. Standard "ironclad" R. catawbiense hybrids in commerce:
A. 'Catawbiense Album'
     1st. and 2nd. R. O. Barto; 3rd. William Fetterhoff
B. Any other white
     1st. A. M. Shammarello, 'Belle Heller'
C. Pink
     1st., 2nd. and 3rd. A. M. Shammarello, 'Pinnacle', 'Sham's Pink', 'King Tut'
     Hon. Men. R. O. Bartoo, 'Parson's Grandiflorum'
D. Roseum varieties
     1st. Mrs. Woods King, 'Roseum Elegans'
     2nd. Musser Forests, 'English Roseum'
     3rd. Mrs. Woods King, 'Roseum Elegans'
E. Lavender
     1st. & 2nd., Frank Myers, catawbiense hybrid;  3rd. Mrs. Harold Antenne, catawbiense hybrid
F. Purple
     1st. John Giraro, 'Lee's Dark Purple'
     2nd. William Fetterhoff, 'Lee's Dark Purple'
     3rd. Musser Forests, 'catawbiense Boursault'
G. 'America'
     1st. Mrs. Peter Loesch
     2nd. Peter Girard
     3rd. Orlando Pride

H. 'Dr. Dresselhuys'

     1st. Mrs. Woods King
     2nd. Frank Myers
     3rd. Peter Girard
     Hon. Men. John Giraro
I. 'Nova Zembla'
     1st., 2nd. and 3rd. John Giraro
J. Any other red
     1st. Frank Myers, catawbiense hybrid
     2nd and 3rd. B. F. Ailes, 'Dr. Rutgers'
     Hon. Men. A. M. Shammarello, 'Romeo'
K. Any other color
     3rd. F. F. Ailes, 'Sefton'
2. Catawbiense hybrid seedlings not in commerce

A. Pink

     1st. A. M. Shammarello, 'Campy'
     1st. B. F. Ailes, cat. sdlg. D. 139
     2nd. and 3rd A. M. Shammarello, A-43-P and 'Candy'
B. Red
     1st. Peter Girard, G16-R
     2nd. A. M. Shammarello, B-46-R
     3rd. Crystalaire Nurseries, AA-17
     Hon. Men. Orlando Pride, cat. Rubrum seedling
C. White
     1st. B. F. Ailes, cat. seedling B-14
     2nd. A. M. Shammarello, B:60-W
     3rd. A. M. Shammarello, B-55-W
D. Bicolor
     1st. Peter Girard, Blue Peter X Lee's Dark Purple G-73-B
     2nd. B. F. Ailes, L-27
     3rd. Crystalaire Nursery, N-2-83
3. Caucasicum hybrids, including hybrids of 'Cunningham's White' & 'Boule de Neige'
A. Pink
     1st. David G. Leach, 'Bonlede Rose'
     2nd. and 3rd. Richard Fennichia, R. smirnowii X 'Cunningham's White'
     R. smirnowii X 'Cunningham's White', unnamed
B. White
     1st., 2nd. and 3rd. Frank Myers, Hybrid of 'Boule de Neige'
4. Fortunei series hybrids, any color
     1st. and 2nd. Peter Girard, G-41-R; G-43-LP; 3rd. David Leach, 'Catalgla' X 'Goldfort'
5. Smirnowii hybrid
     1st., 2nd., 3rd. and Hon. Men, Frank Myers, Seedling
6. Maximum hybrids
     1st. R. A. Daugherty, R. maximum X R. haematodes seedling
7. Dexter hybrids, named or unnamed
     1st. Paul Bosley, #1020; 2nd. David Leach, Fowle #18
8. Scaly leaved hybrids
     1st. George Thacik, hybrid
9. Any hybrids not included in classes 1 through 8 (including azaleodendrons)
     1st. R. A. Daugherty, 'Sappho'
     2nd. Peter Girard, 'Blue Peter' hybrid
     3rd. Mrs. Peter Loesch, 'Purple Splendour'
     Hon. Men. Peter Girard, 'Blue Peter hybrid
10. Species of the Ponticum series
     1st. Richard Fennichia, R. makinoi
     1st. B. F. Ailes, R. yakushimanum
12. Scaly-leaved species
     1st., 2nd. and 3rd. George Thacik, R. carolinianum
14. Ghent azalea hybrids, named or new seedlings, including double ("Rustica") forms
     1st. William Fetterhoff, Ghent seedling
     2nd. Mrs. Peter Loesch, 'Riberia'
     3rd. and Hon. Men. Frederick Close, 'Flarepath' and 'Peg.
Special Class created for 'tender' exhibits
     1st. and 2nd. B. F. Ailes, 'Britannia' and 'Marinus Koster'
     3rd. R. A. Daugherty 'Mars'
15. Knap Hill azalea hybrids, named or seedlings
     1st. Frederick Close, 'Cecile'
     2nd. and 3rd. Peter Girard, Knaphill hybrid seedling
     Hon. Men. Fredrick Close, 'Fawley' and 'Scarlet Pimpernel'
16. Mollis azalea hybrids, named or seedlings
     1st. Frederick Close, Mollis seedling
     2nd. and 3rd. Peter Girard, Mollis seedling
     Hon. Men. Ronald Daugherty, Mollis seedling
19. Native deciduous azalea species
     1st. David Leach, R. austrinum
     2nd. Mrs. Woods King, R. nudiflorum
     3rd. David Leach, R. speciosum
     Hon. Men. Orlando Pride, R. calendulaceum.
20. Deciduous azaleas, species not included in class 19
     1st. and 2nd. Richard Fennichia, R. japonica
21. Persistent-leaved azaleas, named or unnamed, excluding forcing varieties
A. White
     1st. Peter Girard, 'Kathy'
     2nd. A. M. Shammarello, 'Desiree'
     3rd. Francis Hart, 'Kathy'
B. Pink
     1st. Dr. Louis Martin, 'Pink Lady'
     2nd. G. Thacik, 'Lake Erie'
     3rd. Francis Hart, 'Linwood Pink'
C. Purple
     1st., 2nd. and 3rd. Peter Girard, Poukhanense hybrids
D. Red
     1st. Roemar Nursery, 'Cadmium'
     2nd. Peter Girard, 'El Capitan'
22. Poukhanense hybrids, named or unnamed
     1st., 2nd., and 3rd., Francis Hart, Poukhanense Hybrids
23. Gable, azalea hybrids
     1st. Frederick Close, O. Pride seedling
     2nd. G. Hughes, 'Rosebud'
     3rd. Frederick Close, 'Very Red'
21. Glenn Dale persistent-leaved azalea hybrids
     1st. Dr. Louis Martin, 'Redbird'
25. Persistent-leaved hybrids of the Obtusum series
     1st. Peter Girard, 'Beethoven'
25. Any persistent leaved hybrid azalea not included in classes 21 through 25
     1st. Jennie Feith, Seedling
     2nd. Edna Gerner, Seedling

Balled and Burlapped Plants

26. Named rhododendron hybrids in commerce
     1st. A. M. Shammarello, 'Bess Howells'
27. Unnamed or numbered rhododendron hybrids
A. Less than three feet including ball
     1st. A. M. Shammarello, A 43 P
     2nd. Richard Fennichia, R. fortunei hybrid
     3rd. Musser Forests, 'America' X R. fortunei
B. More than three feet including ball
     1st., 2nd., and 3rd. Richard Fennichia, R. maximum hybrid,
     R. carolinianum hybrid; and R. fortunei hybrid
29. Azalea, deciduous
A. 6 inches to 18 inches
     1st. Musser Forests, Exbury seedling
B. 18 inches and up
     1st. A. M. Shammarello, 'Red King' hybrid
     2nd. and 3rd. Peter Girard, 'Gibraltar' and 'Persil'
30. Azalea, persistent-leaved (evergreen)
A. 6 to 18 inches
     1st., 2nd. and 3rd, Peter Girard, 'White Princess', R. poukhanense hybrid, and 'El Capitan'
B. 18 inches and up:
     1st. Tony Shammarello, 'Desiree'
Hon. Men. Richard Fennichia, 'Amoena'
31. New hybrid seedling (rhododendron or azalea) exhibited by breeder
and never before shown. Special trophy.
     1st., 2nd. and 3rd. Richard Fennichia, R. maximum X 'Pink Pearl',
     R. fortunei
hybrid, and R. yakushimanum seedling
Cup For Best Hybrid Not Shown Before
     Peter Girard for Cross 'Blue Peter' X 'Purpureum'
Cup For Best R. catawbiense In Show
     B. F. Ailes for R. catawbiense seedling

Volume 17, Number 3
July 1963

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