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Volume 19, Number 4
October 1965

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Tacoma Chapter Show
May 15-16, 1965

        The 1965 Rhododendron Show of the Tacoma Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society was held on May 15th and 16th, adjacent to the Chapter's Test Garden at Point Defiance Park. This year's expanded show included both amateur and commercial landscape entries as well as a joint membership display.
        The Cut Blooms section was well entered with over 250 trusses and sprays on exhibit. An unusual feature this year was a complimentary, noncompetitive floral arrangement display, consisting of floral designs using cut trusses and sprays of rhododendrons and azaleas.
        As usual this year's Show had three sections to be judged: Landscape Display, amateur and commercial; Specimen plants, open competition; and Cut Blooms, open competition. The competition in all sections was most vigorous and we were privileged to have four excellent and outstanding judges for our Show this year. They were Dr. J. Harold Clarke of Long Beach, Washington, Mr. Ben Nelson of Suquamish, Washington and Mr. Arthur Dome and Mr. Kenneth Lauhon both of Seattle, Washington.

The 1965 winners in the three sections were as follows:


SECTION A: Landscape Displays

SECTION B: Specimen Plants

Trophies and Awards given in Section B:

SECTION C: Cut Blooms or Sprays



Special Awards

        This year the Show Committee was fortunate in obtaining an Amateur Sweepstakes Award. This is a perpetual Silver Bowl sponsored by the Nu-Life Fertilizer Company. The amateur exhibitor accumulating the highest total points in competition exhibiting both specimen plants and trusses will be awarded this trophy each year. Each winner of a perpetual trophy was also given a small remembrance trophy for their permanent possession.
        The General Show Chairman, Mr. Bob Badger was most ably assisted this year by the following: Mr. Claude Parkinson, Co-Chairman: Mr. Mark Burton, Co-Chairman; Mr. and Mrs. Tel Fawcett, Cut Blooms; Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Turner, Entries Committee; Dr. and Mrs. W. E. Avery, Education; Mrs. Roy Hacanson, Hospitality; Mrs. Charles Guilford, Membership Display; Mr. Russell Coovert, Publicity; Mr. George Harrison, Commercial Exhibits.

Volume 19, Number 4
October 1965

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