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Volume 23, Number 3
July 1969

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The American Rhododendron Society
Committee Appointments - July 1, 1969

Carl H. Phetteplace, M.D., President

I. Annual Meetings
     Raymond C. ("Curt") Huey, Chairman, Springfield, Ore.
     James Gossler, Springfield, Oregon
II. Ratings and Awards
     Chapter function with President of each chapter as chairman
III. Long Range Planning, Budget and Finance
     1. Daniel Morris, Chairman, Tacoma, Wash.
     2. Charles H. Anderson, Bellevue, Wash.
     3. Mervin B. Vater, C.P.A., Springfield, Ore.
     4. Donald K. McClure, Seattle, Wash.
     5. Edward B. Dunn, N.W., Seattle, Wash.
     6. Alfred S. Martin, Eastern Chairman, Wilkes Barre, Pa.
     7. Sidney V. Burns, Syosset, New York
     8. Ernest H. Yelton, M.D., Rutherford, North Carolina
     9. Dan B. Franklin, Atlanta, Georgia
     10. Bishop W. von Wettberg, Oxford, Conn.
IV. Editorial Board - Bulletin
     l. Dr. Robert Ticknor, Chairman, Canby, Ore.
     2. Gertrude Wister, Swarthmore, Pa.
     3. Molly Grothaus, Lake Oswego, Ore.

     4. Brian 0. Mulligan, University of Washington Arboretum, Seattle, Wash.

     5. Dr. J. Harold Clarke, Long Beach, Wash.

V. Publications

     l. Dr. Robert Ticknor, Chairman, Canby, Ore.

     2. John Henny, Brooks, Ore.

     3. Cecil C. Smith, Aurora, Ore.

     4. Robert N. Whalley, Gresham, Ore.

     5. Dr. J. Harold Clarke, Long Beach, Wash.

     6. Dr. David G. Leach, Brookville, Pa.

     7. Ross M. Nelson, San Antonio, Texas

     8. Forrest E. Bump, M.D., , Forest Grove, Ore.

VI. Publications Advisory Committee (for auxiliary publications)

     l. Edward B. Dunn, Chairman, Seattle, Wash.

     2. Robert Badger, Tacoma, Wash.

     3. Mrs. Hugh Baird, Jr., Bellevue, Wash.

     4. Frank Doleshy, Seattle, Wash.

     5. John Henny, Ore.

     6. Maurice Sumner, San Francisco, Calif.

     7. A. Hadley Osborn, El Cerrito, Calif.

     8. P. H. Brydon, Salem, Ore.

     9. Gordon Jones, Long Island, New York

     10. Louis Grothaus, Lake Oswego, Ore.

     11. Dr. John L. Creech, Beltsville, Maryland

     12. James R. Todd; Jr., North Carolina

     13. Patrick Synge, London, England

     14. Herman J. Grootendorst, Boskoop, Holland

     15. Dr. and Mrs. John Wister, Swarthmore, Pa.

     16. Dr. Donald W. Wyman, Jamaica Plains, Mass.

     17. Fred Galle, Pine Mountain, Georgia

     18. E. H. M. Cox, Perth, Scotland

     19. Dr. J. S. Yeates, Palmerston, No., New Zealand

     20. K. Wada, Yokohama, Japan

     21. Gordon Tyrell, Winterthur, Del.

     22. Ralph Sangster, Victoria, Australia

     23. Dr. J. Harold Clark, Long Beach, Wash.

     24. Dr. Robert Ticknor, Canby, Ore.

VII. Shows and judging

     1. Robert Badger, Chairman, Tacoma, Wash.

     2. Howard J. Slonecker, Milwaukee, Ore.

     3. Dr. David Goheen, Camas, Wash.

     4. Mrs. Emil F. Hager, Jr., Eastern Chairman, Albertson, New York

     5. John Schamenek, Wilson Grove, Pa.

     6. David Fluharty, M.D., Newport News, Va.

VIII. Native American Species

     Ross Nelson, San Antonio, Texas, who will select his own committee 

          co-workers from Eastern and Southern chapters

     Fred C. Galle, Chipley, Ga.

     Dr. Henry T. Skinner, Director, U.S. Nat'l. Arboretum, Washington, D.C.

     Britt Smith, Kent, Wash., Western species. Select co-workers if needed.

     Frank D. Mossman, M.D., Vancouver, WA.

IX. Membership An individual chapter function.

     Chapter presidents to appoint assistants as needed (See notes on Committees)

     1. All chapter presidents - chairmen

     2. All chapter secretaries

     3. All program committee chairmen

X. Organization and Advertising

     1. Arthur 1. Coyle, Chairman, Waller, Texas

     2. Dr. J. Harold Clarke, Long Beach, Wash.

     3. Thomas Wheeldon, M.D., Richmond, Va.

XI. Honors

     1. A. Hadley Osborn, Chairman, El Cerrito, Calif.

     2. Edgar H. Olsen, Portland, Ore.

     3. Warren E. Berg, Kent, Wash.

XII. Registrar

     P. H. Brydon, Editor, Salem, Oregon

XIII. Twenty Year Index of A.R.S. Bulletins

     Mrs. Hugh Baird, Bellevue, Wash.

XIV. Seed Exchange

     Mrs. Robert Berry, Aberdeen, Wash.

XV. History of the A.R.S. and its Chapters

     Edward B. Dunn, Chairman, Seattle, Wash.

     George Grace, Portland, Ore.

     John Henny, Brooks, Ore.

     Donald G. Graham, Seattle, Wash.

XVI. Slide Library

     Howard A. Short, Chairman, Bainbridge Island, Wash.

XVII. Committee on Revision of By-laws

     Merle Saunders, Chairman, Eugene, Ore.

     Wm. Riddlesbarger, Eugene, Ore.

     Carl H. Phetteplace, M.D., Eugene, Ore.

XVIII. Propagation

     John G. Lofthouse, Chairman, Vancouver, B.C.

     Dr. Robert L. Ticknor, Canby, Ore.

     Jas. S. Wells, Red Bank, N.J.

XIX. Associate Editor

     Fred E. Knapp, Old Bethpage, N.Y.

XX. Nominating

     Edward B. Dunn, Chairman, Seattle, Wash.

     Sidney V. Burns, Syosset, L. I., N.Y.

     Arthur Hadley Osborn, El Cerrito, Calif.

Volume 23, Number 3
July 1969

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