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Volume 26, Number 2
April 1972

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R. 'Wheatley'
R. 'Wheatley'
Photo by Joann Knapp
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The Quarterly Bulletin
of the
American Rhododendron Society

April, 1972
Vol. 26 No. 2



Published quarterly by the AMERICAN RHODODENDRON SOCIETY, Rt. 2, Box 254, Aurora, Oregon. Membership subscription to the American Rhododendron Society $10 a year. The Quarterly Bulletin of the American Rhododendron Society is included as a benefit of membership. Copyright 1972 by the American Rhododendron Society. Permission to reprint any portion of this volume must be granted by the Society.

Issue Contents

The Windsor Hybrids
      by James S. Wells
  Iron Deficiency in Rhododendrons
      by P. B. Orr, Jr.
English Modern Hardy Hybrid Rhododendrons
      by Edmund L. deRothschild
  Dexter Rhododendrons: Their Past, Present & Future
      by Heman A. Howard
Rhododendron Culture Expanded at Tyler
     by G. E. Landt
  R. 'Golden Star'
      by Fred Knapp
Trip to Tranquility
      by Britt and Jean Smith
  R. 'Todmorden
      by Fred Knapp
R. 'Trude Webster'
      by Harold Greer
  Our Front Cover, R. 'Wheatley'
      by Fred Knapp
Rhododendrons at Pirianda Olinda,
Mt. Dandenong

      by A. W. Headlam
  Seattle Chapter Celebrates Its Twentieth

      by M. W. Baird
Control of Phytophthora Root Rot (Wilt)
     by H. Hoitink and A. F. Schmitthenner
  Practical Procedures For Increasing Flower
Bud Initiation

      by S. P. Myers & P. Z. Kozel
Hybridizing With The Boothii Series
      by Robert W. Scott
  The Kiwis Are Coming Again
      by F. W. Mosher, Jr.
R. keiskei 'Yaku Fairy'
      by Warren Berg
  More on Taiwan Rhododendron
      by John Patrick
Rock 57, Series Barbatum, S.s. Crinigerum
      by Cecil Smith
  Rhododendron Mythology
      by Richard W. Bosley
A White R. calophytum
      by Cecil Smith
  The F. C. C. Form?
      by Hadley Osborn
The Control of Azalea Flowering with Day Length, Temperature and Gibberellic Acid
      by Roy A. Larson
  Notes From An Amateur Rhododendron Buff
      by Art Childers
Rhododendron aureum: A Short
Photograph Album

      by Frank Doleshy
  University of British Columbia Rhododendron Species Collection
      by Roy L. Taylor
A. R. S. 1972 Show Dates   Furnivall's Daughter
Bronze Medal Award Citation
for Alfred S. Martin

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President Eastern Vice President Western Vice President
Secretary-Treasurer   Executive Secretary
Editor Associate Editor Contributing Editor
RICHARD J. BARA, Chicago, Ill., President Midwest Chapter
GALEN BAXTER, Florence, Or., President Siuslaw Chapter
WARREN BERG, Kent, Wn., Term expires 1973
MRS. ROBERT BERRY, Aberdeen, Wn. Terms expires 1972
WALTER J. BLYSKAL, Spring Valley, N.Y., President Tappan Zee Chapter
E. C. BROCKENBROUGH, M.D., Bellevue, Wa., President Seattle Chapter
JAMES CAPERCI, Seattle, Wn., Term expires 1973
GEORGE CLARKE, Portland. Or., Term expires 1974
DR. J. HAROLD CLARKE, Long Beach, Wa., Term expires 1975
FRED COLLINS, Haney, B.C., Canada, President, Vancouver, B.C. Chapter
ROBERT COMERFORD, Marion, Ore. Term expires 1972
ARTHUR COYLE, Waller, Tex., President Southern Chapter
FRANK DOLESHY, Seattle, Wa., Term Expires 1974
ERNEST EGAN, New Haven, Conn., President Connecticut Chapter
JOHN EVANS, M.D., Oakland, Ca., President California Chapter
EVERETT FARWELL JR., Woodside, Ca., President San Mateo County Chapter
DAVID FLUHARTY, M.D., Newport News, Va., President Tidewater Chapter, Term Expires 1974
KEN FRANK, Shelton, Wa., President Shelton Chapter
FRED GALLE, Pine Mountain, Ga., Term expires 1975
DR. DAVID GOHEEN, Camas, Wa., President Portland Chapter
MRS. JAMES HAINES, Aberdeen, Wa., President Grays Harbor Chapter
ROBERT HAYES, Kingston, Wa., President North Kitsap Chapter
DR. HERBERT HECHENBLEIKNER, Charlotte, N.C., President Piedmont Chapter
JOHN HENNY, Brooks, Ore., Term expires 1973
MRS. LEON J. HEUSER, Robbinsville, N.J., President Princeton Chapter
ARTHUR HOLWEG, Castleton, N.Y., President Mohawk-Hudson Chapter
MRS. HARVEY HOOKS, Birmingham, Ala., President Birmingham Chapter
ROBERT R. HUBER, Salford, Pa., President Valley Forge Chapter
GORDON JONES, Planting Fields Arboretum, N.Y., Term Expires 1974
FRED E. KNAPP, Locust Valley, N. Y., President New York Chapter
WELLS KNIERIM, Cleveland, Ohio, President Great Lakes Chapter
ALLAN KORTH, Santa Cruz, Ca., President Monterey Bay Chapter
ROBERT LANDREGAN, Portland, Or., President Portland Chapter
DAVID LEACH, North Madison, Oh., Term expires 1975
EDMUND V. MEZITT, Hopkington. Mass., President Massachusetts Chapter
RAY MICHEL, Indianapolis, Ind., President Indianapolis Chapter
KENNETH M. MILLER, Orland, Pa., President Philadelphia Chapter
HARRY NASH, Waynesboro, Va., President middle Atlantic Chapter
JAY O'LEARY, M.D., Coos Bay, Or., President Southwestern Oregon Chapter
TED RICHARDSON, Mountain Home, N.C., President Southeastern Chapter
GEORGE W. RING, Fairfax, Va., President Potomac Valley Chapter
GORDON SAHNOW, JR., Hillsboro, Ore., President Tualatin Valley Chapter
GEORGE SAUNDERS, Eugene, Oregon, President Eugene Chapter
R. L. SCHWIND, Atlanta, Ga., President Azalea Chapter
BRITT M. SMITH, Kent, Wash., President Tacoma Chapter
FOLMER SOGAARD, Centralia, Wa., President Lewis County Chapter
WILLIAM SULLIVAN, Roseland, N.J., President New Jersey Chapter
TED VAN VEEN, Portland, Ore., Term expires 1973
GEORGE WAMBOLD, Olympia, Wa., President Olympia Chapter
ROBERT WELLS, Port Angeles, Wa., President Olympic Peninsula Chapter
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Secretary, Mrs. William Curtis, Sherwood, Ore. Send material for Bulletin to P. H. Brydon, Ore.

Volume 26, Number 2
April 1972

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