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Volume 28, Number 1
January 1974

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The A.R.S. Annual Meeting Program
Portland, Oregon - May 9-12

Portland, OR
    FIG.2.  Portland has more wooded parks within its city limits than any
    other city in the world. Site of the 1974 Annual Meeting, Portland has
    Mt. Hood for a backdrop and a climate which encourages gardening
    and commercial horticulture.


Dr. Gerd Krussman
   FIG. 1. Among the speakers
   scheduled at the 1974 Annual
   Meeting is Dr. Gerd Krussman,
   Dortmund, Germany.
Mr and Mrs Peter Cox
     FIG. 3. Speakers at the 1974 Annual
     Meeting banquet will be Mr. and Mrs.
     Peter Cox of Glendoick, Scotland 

        The 1974 annual meeting is a Thirtieth Anniversary celebration for the American Rhododendron Society. And what more appropriate place for such a celebration than Portland, the birthplace of the Society.
        The Portland Chapter is host for the meeting, May 9-12, at the Sheraton Motor Inn, in the beautiful Lloyd center, a concentration of fine shops integrated around an all-year outdoor skating rink.
        The program opens with a Welcome to Portland Thursday evening, followed by a panel of hybridizers discussing "Hybrids I would Like to Make or See in Flower". Joining the panel from California is John P. Evans, M.D., past president of his chapter and a frequent contributor of excellent photographs to the Bulletin; David H. Fluharty, Jr. M.D., past president of the Tidewater Chapter and owner of a rhododendron and azalea nursery; Cecil Smith, past national director and photographer laureate of the Society; and Ernest H. Yelton, M.D., who has an extensive rhododendron collection in North Carolina.
        Frank Mossman's talk on "More Meanderings in Azalea Meadows", which opens the Friday morning program, will be of special interest because Dr. Mossman has offered to lead a group on a three-day post-convention trip down the magnificent Oregon Coast to the heartland of Rhododendron occidentale on the Oregon-California border. This is one of the richest and most interesting plant areas in the country. A more complete description of Dr. Mossman's tour follows.
        Dr. Gustav Mehlquist will explore "Some Aspects of Interspecific Hybridization" and Hadley Osborn will present new ideas on "Color Inheritance." Dr. Gerd Krussman will be introduced by Ted Van Veen Friday evening. Dr. Krussman, who is Director of the Dortmund Botanical Gardens, Dortmund, Germany, will speak on "German Rhododendron Breeding in the Past and Today." After graduating from college, Dr. Krussman had six years of practice in the nursery business before joining the world famous Spath Nurseries of Berlin as a dendrologist. At that time Spath's employed 1100 people and had 1000 acres of nursery plantings. Dr. Krussman's sole task was to be sure that every tree and shrub sold was true to name.
        During his career Dr. Krussman has written 26 botanical books and traveled for botanical purposes to all the countries of Europe, to Russia and the Caucasus, Canada, South America, Japan and the Eastern United States. He has been Director at Dortmund since 1950 of the biggest collection of trees and shrubs in Europe. There are 4500 varieties including 15,000 rhododendrons in about 400 varieties. In addition, four years ago, he took the directorship of the New National German Rosarium at Dortmund which has 2000 varieties of roses.
        Ruth Wood opens the Saturday morning program with "Rhododendrons for the Small Garden". She and her husband Wales have a long-established rhododendron garden near St. Helens along the bank of the Columbia River. Among the earliest members of the Society, the Woods have a garden which has been well known for more than 20 years and still, in scale and concept, is a garden designed for weekend gardening by a couple busy following their careers.
        Dr. Robert Raabe, professor of plant pathology at University of California, will look further into the "Prevention and Control of Rhododendron Diseases."
        The development of the rhododendron collection at the University of British Columbia Botanic Garden in Vancouver, B.C., will be traced by Dr. Roy Taylor, director of the garden.
        At the banquet Saturday evening Carl Phetteplace, M.D., will introduce Mr. and Mrs. Peter Cox of Glendoick, Scotland. Both are horticulturists. He received his diploma from Edinburgh Agricultural College and she received a horticultural diploma from Studley College, Warwickshire.
        After spending a year at Notcutt's Nursery in Suffolk, Peter Cox returned to Glendoick, where he had grown up, and began to add substantially to the rhododendron collection and to hybridize. Three of his hybrids have been given First Class Certificates. He took part in plant hunting expeditions to N. E. Turkey in 1962 and N. E. India in 1965, and on the last expedition was joined by his wife. Last year, Mr. Cox, who had already received the Royal Horticultural Society's Cory Cup, was awarded the Loderi Rhododendron Cup. The Coxes will speak on "Rhododendrons in the Wild and Dwarf Rhododendrons at Glendoick".

Annual Meeting Schedule
Thursday, May 9  
Registration 12:00 p.m.
Director's Meeting 2:00 p.m.
Welcome to Portland 8:00 p.m.
Panel Discussion - "Hybrids I Would Like to Make or See in Flower",  J. P. Evans, M.D., David H.Fluharty Jr. M.D., Cecil Smith, and Ernest H. Yelton, M.D.  
Friday, May 10  
Registration 8:00 a.m.
Program - George Clarke, Moderator 9:00 a.m. to 11 a.m.
- Frank Mossman, M.D. Portland Chapter - "More Meanderings in Azalea Meadows"  
- Dr. Gustav Mehlquist, Connecticut Chapter - "Some Aspects of Interspecific
Hadley Osborn, California Chapter - "Color Inheritance"  
Buses Leave Sheraton Motor Inn 11:30 a.m.
Box lunches on tour down the Willamette Valley to visit North Willamette Experiment
Station, Klupinger Nursery and Cecil Smith Garden.
Dinner - Sheraton Motor Inn 7:00 p.m.
Dr. Gerd Krussmann, Director Stadt Dortmund Botanischer Garten, Germany  
"German Rhododendron Breeding in the Past and Today."  
Saturday, May 11  
Program - R. Curt Huey, Moderator 9:30 a.m.
Ruth M. Woods, Portland Chapter - "Rhododendrons for the Small Garden.  
- Dr. Robert Raabe, Professor Plant Pathology, University of California',
   "Prevention and Control of Rhododendron Diseases."
- Dr. Roy Taylor, Director, Botanical Garden, University of British Columbia,
  "The Rhododendron Collection at University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C."
Lunch 12:00 p.m.
    Shuttle Buses Start Leaving Sheraton 1:00 p.m.
    Buses will leave at intervals for Portland Chapter Rhododendron Show at Crystal
    Springs Island Rhododendron Garden and will leave from the Garden at intervals
    for scenic tour through Portland to George Clarke Nursery and return to hotel.

Champagne Hour

6:30 p.m.
Banquet - Sheraton Motor Inn 7:30 p.m.
- Mr. and Mrs. Peter Cox, Glendoick, Scotland - "Rhododendron Collecting in the
  Wild and Dwarf Rhododendrons at Glenoick."
Sunday, May 12  
Second Annual Meeting of Rhododendron Breeder's Roundtable,  Under the direction of Dr. August E. Kehr, Staff Scientist for the National Program Staff of the United States Department of Agriculture. This is an all-day session. 9:00 a.m.
Alternate tours of the City of Portland or the Columbia River - Mt. Hood Loop are available as An extra for those planning to stay through Sunday.  

Volume 28, Number 1
January 1974

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