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Volume 28, Number 1
January 1974

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1973 Bronze Medal Awards - New York Chapter

Dorothy Knippenberg Bronze Medal
   FIG.5. Dorothy Knippenberg registers
   surprise and pleasure as she is presented the
   Bronze Medal by Fred E. Knapp, president
   of the New York Chapter.

       Citation To: Dorothy Knippenberg

        The kindness and thoughtfulness of Dorothy Knippenberg are known to us all. She is a knowledgeable horticulturist who has encouraged others to see truly the beauty of rhododendrons and to enjoy growing them. Visitors to Laurelwood are inspired by the magnificence of the woodland landscaping, designed, planted and lovingly nurtured by Dorothy.
        Numerous educational tours have been conducted at the estate, and Dorothy has presented slide programs to many groups. Plants have been donated to various botanical gardens and the Knippenbergs have sent cuttings, seeds and pollen all over the world. Those who participated in the Annual Meeting in 1965 will never forget the warm hospitality enjoyed by all. Visitors to Laurelwood come away enriched, by both the graciousness of the Knippenbergs and their generous spirit of sharing.
        The challenge of hybridizing encouraged numerous crosses and thousands of seedlings resulting in the selection of several new hybrids: Carolina Rose, Wayne Pink, and Blush Button.
        So, to Dorothy Knippenberg, plantswoman extraordinaire, the New York Chapter proudly presents the Bronze Medal of the American Rhododendron Society, in appreciation of your devotion to Genus Rhododendron and to its members who held you in deepest admiration.


Henry Dumper Bronze Medal
   FIG.6. Fred E. Knapp, president of the New
   York Chapter, presents Bronze Medal to
   Henry Dumper.
   Photo by Emil F. Hager

        Citation to: Henry Dumper

        Henry Dumper's contributions to the American Rhododendron Society have been international as well as local. He is an author as well as an earnest gardener, an administrator as well as a hard worker, lecturer as well as an ambassador.
        A member in 1958, Henry has served continuously since 1960 on numerous committees, as a member of the Board of Directors, and as president for three years. He has encouraged new members, hosted garden tours, promoted the species through plant sales and educational sessions, donated plants to arboretums, lectured to various groups, worked at Chapter Shows as well as serving as Flower Show Judge, designed and set up public exhibitions of rhododendron gardens, coauthored cultural booklets for the New York Chapter, and recently edited the new Azalea Book for the Azalea Study Group. He has co-chaired plant sales and generously contributed rhododendrons and azaleas to other plant groups. Everyone has enjoyed his well designed garden, and many have obtained cuttings and seedlings. Henry is proud of his contribution in setting up practical by-laws for the chapter to encourage participation and growth.
        Henry has taken Dexter cuttings to Bremen, visited Scotland, and brought Ilam seeds from New Zealand.
        For these many and diverse accomplishments, and in recognition of your valuable contributions as President of the New York Chapter as well as your continual efforts to further interest in the species by sharing knowledge and plants, the New York Chapter proudly presents to Henry Dumper, the Bronze Medal of the American Rhododendron Society.

Volume 28, Number 1
January 1974

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