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The electronic versions of the published papers for the Journal of Contemporary Neurology (JCN) will be made available in 2 formats:

To view and/or download the JCN papers for archiving and printing, you will need the following freely available software:

A Web browser, optimally Netscape 3.x, obtainable through your Internet service provider or directly from the Netscape ftp site and authorized mirror sites (N.B. if you are affiliated with an academic institution, you may be able to obtain the browser from a server at your institution).

Information on obtaining the Netscape browser directly from Netscape can be found at this URL:

You will be able to view the HTML version of the JCN papers directly via the Web browser.

Each article will also be available in PDF format. PDF (Page Description Format), developed by Adobe, is an offspring of PostScript, a page description language developed by Adobe in 1985. The primary application of PostScript and its derivative, PDF, is to describe the appearance of text, graphical shapes, and sampled images on printed or displayed pages. This makes these 2 formats ideal for richly formatted documents, like the articles in this journal. PDF, the newer format, has some clear advantages over PostScript, the most striking of which is file size. Heavily illustrated journal papers can easily weigh in at over 1MB, making it inconvenient to download and display. In contrast, the PDF version of the same paper would be 1/10 the size of it PostScript counterpart. Since JCN is a graphics rich publication, we have decided to offer the typeset versions of the JCN papers, which are the same as the ones we will use to produce the paper edition of JCN, in PDF format only.

In order to view PDF files through your browser, and also download them to your printer, you will need a copy of the Adobe Acrobat Reader available separately from the Adobe Web site:

Further information on other helper applications available for the Netscape Navigator is available at this address:

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