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Volume 1999

Book Reviews


Volume 1998


5 Brain Ischemia Research: from Benchside to Bedside
by Kusum Kumar, MD, Bal Krishna Sharma, PhD, A. Thomas Evans, DVM

4 Specificity of AD7C-NTP as a Biochemical Marker for Alzheimer's Disease
by Hossein Ghanbari, PhD; Kasra Ghanbari; Michael Munzar, MD; Paul Averback, MD

3 Positive Potentials Evoked by the First Syllable of Spoken Words in Right- and Left-Handers
by Andrea Cobianchi and Salvatore Giaquinto

2 Effects of Task and Task Persistence on Magnetic Motor-Evoked Potentials
by William J. Triggs, Sanjay Yathiraj, Michael S. Young, and Fabian Rossi

1 Screening Instruments for the Prediction of Long-Term Response to Epidural Steriod Injection in the Treatment of Lumbar Radiculopathy
by Craig T. Hartrick, MD

Book Reviews

  Review of Neural Organization by Michael A. Arbib, Péter Érdi, and János Szentágothai


Volume 1997


3 Cerebral Manifestations of Ascaris lumbricoides
by Stephen B. Tatter, MD, PhD and Jonathan W. Hopkins, MD

2 Chronic Pains Associated with Positive and Negative Sensory, Motor, and Vasomotor Manifestations: CPSMV (RSD;CRPS?). Heterogeneous Somatic Versus Psychopathologic Origins
by José L. Ochoa, MD, PhD, DSc

1 Inversion of the F-waves in Median Neuropathy at the Wrist (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome): An Adjunctive Electrodiagnostic Method
by Daniel L. Menkes, M.D. Daniel C. Hood, M.D., Anneke C. Bush Sc.D. M.H.S.

Volume 1996


6 Management of Low Back Pain
by James R. Lehrich, MD

5 Laboratory Evaluation of Low Back Pain
by James R. Lehrich, MD

4 Neurologic Approach to Diagnosis of Low Back Pain
by James R. Lehrich, MD

3 Cortical Blood Flow and Reactivity in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
by Steven G. Pavlakis, M.D., Darren R. Gitelman, M.D., Rima G. Kopelman, M.R., and Isak Prohovnik, Ph.D.

2 Leukoencephalitis Due to Varicella Zoster Virus: Report of a Case and Review of Clinical Features
by Steven C. Cramer, M.D., Alan Segal, M.D., Ronald Hamilton, M.D., Jeremy Schmahmann, M.D., and M. Joe Ma, M.D.

1 Epstein-Barr Virus Transformation Induces Expression of trk b mRNA in Human B Lymphocytes
by Scott D.Z. Eggers and Anthony J. Windebank, M.D.

Book Reviews

  Review of The Neurological Side of Neuropsychology by Richard E. Cytowic, M.D.