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Journal of Design Communication

Current Editor: Joan McLain-Kark jmkark@vt.edu
Issue 2
Spring 2000

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Joan McLain-Kark, Ph.D.
Editor, Journal of Design Communciation

The recent 10th anniversary conference of the Design Communication Association held January 6-8 at the University of Arizona in Tucson provided a great opportunity for members to reflect on the past century while looking forward to the new millennium.  Kirby Lockard,  considered  the soul and founding father of DCA, presented a reflection on the past with some cautions for the future.   His keynote speech is published here as an invited article.

The first juried article for this 2000 issue includes a discussion of the creative potential of computer modeling. Kathleen Gibson compares the morphing exercise with the computer with more traditional design studio.  In the second juried article, Petronio Bendito, presents the RGB Color Cube, a teaching method for teaching color theory.