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Current Editor: Dr. Robert T. Howell
Volume 46, Number 2
Fall 2009

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Examination of Assessment Practices for Engineering Design Projects in Secondary Education (Second in a Three Part Series)
by Todd R. Kelley and Robert C. Wicklein PDF [241 KB]HTML [36 KB]

Contextual Problem Solving Model Origination
by Jeremy V. Ernst PDF [212 KB]HTML [40 KB]

The Relationship Between Personality Type and Learning Style: A Study of Automotive Technology Students
by Mark D. Threeton and Richard A. Walter PDF [293 KB]HTML [49 KB]

A Calculus of Occupational Skill Attainment: Building More Validity into a Valid Assessment System
by Paul Munyofu and Richard KohrPDF [326 KB]HTML [77 KB]

Under Review

Build Your Own Electric Vehicle by S. Leitman and B. Brandt
Reviewed by Thomas E. Kraft PDF [150 KB]HTML [11 KB]

At Issue

Unlearning How I Have Been Taught
by Katrina Baltierrez PDF [127 KB]HTML [9 KB]

Students Must Understand Both Theory and Practice
by Kevin Kaluf and Kara S. Harris PDF [147 KB]HTML [18 KB]

Bits and PiecesPDF [148 KB]HTML [13 KB]

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