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Volume XXIV, Number 2, Summer-Fall 1998

Inside Cover [10K]

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Table of Contents

doi: 10.21061/jots.v24i2.a.1
Guest Editarticles [51K]

Reflections of Technology in the Past, Present, and Future
Paul W. DeVore

Issues in Defining Goals in Technology Education
George Shield


doi: 10.21061/jots.v24i2.a.2
Work Group Perfomance on Production Operations Management Tasks
Paul E. Brauchle and Richard V. Evans, Jr. [25K]

doi: 10.21061/jots.v24i2.a.3
Work-Based Learning in Occupational Education and Training
Dorothy Harnish and Jurgen Wilke-Schnaufer [37K]

doi: 10.21061/jots.v24i2.a.4
Technology and Vocational Educational Reform in the Russian Federation
Mark W. Mck. Bannatyne and Robert A. Hall [29K]

doi: 10.21061/jots.v24i2.a.5
Using Technology to Make Connections in the Core Curriculum
Christopher J. Frost and Michael Pierson [23K]

doi: 10.21061/jots.v24i2.a.6
The International Technology Education Association (ITEA): A Prominent Voice for Technology Education
Kendall N. Starkweather [18K]

doi: 10.21061/jots.v24i2.a.7
Succession Planning in University-Level Technology Programs
J. Mark Estepp [17K]

doi: 10.21061/jots.v24i2.a.8
Ideas [51K] Guidelines for Authors [40K]

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