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Volume XXVIII, Number 2, Summer/Fall 2002

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The Editor's Page

doi: 10.21061/jots.v28i2.a.1
Making Technology A Major School Curriculum
Jerry Streichler [53K]

Special Section

doi: 10.21061/jots.v28i2.a.2
A Curriculum to Reflect Technology
Kenneth Phillips [76K]

doi: 10.21061/jots.v28i2.a.3
IACP—An Innovative Project of the 1960s
Donald G. Lux [46K]

doi: 10.21061/jots.v28i2.a.4
Conceptualizations of Jackson's Mills
Donald P. Lauda [67K]

doi: 10.21061/jots.v28i2.a.5
Roots of Technology Education: Standards Projects
William E. Dugger, Jr. [68K]

doi: 10.21061/jots.v28i2.a.6
A Conceptual Framework for Technology Education: A Historical Perspective
Ernest N. Savage [93K]


doi: 10.21061/jots.v28i2.a.7
Teaching Design for Manufacturing of Plastics Using Computer-Aided Engineering
Tao C. Chang [188K]

doi: 10.21061/jots.v28i2.a.8
Computer Modeling and Visualization in Design Technology: An Instructional Model
Stan Guidera [104K]

doi: 10.21061/jots.v28i2.a.9
Whose Property Is It Anyhow? Using Electronic Media in the Academic World
Diana W. Sanders and Michael D. Richardson [73K]

doi: 10.21061/jots.v28i2.a.10
Teacher Research: The Key to Understanding the Effects of Classroom Technology on Learning
Karen Kortecamp and Kathleen Anderson Steeves [82K]

doi: 10.21061/jots.v28i2.a.11
Technology Education in New Zealand
Alister Jones and Judy Moreland [68K]

doi: 10.21061/jots.v28i2.a.12
Technology Education and Modular Labs
Anthony Schwaller [73K]

doi: 10.21061/jots.v28i2.a.13
Technology Education Curriculum Designs in Michigan Secondary Education
Phillip Cardon [123K]


doi: 10.21061/jots.v28i2.a.14
The Electric Vehicle Experience
Thomas E. Kraft [64K]

doi: 10.21061/jots.v28i2.a.15
Problem-Solving Abilities Produced in Project Based Technology Education
Jun Moriyama, Masashi Satou, and Cyril T. King [118K]

The 2001 Paul T. Hiser Award [30K]

Guidelines for Authors [47K]

Review and Editorial Procedures [51K]

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