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Volume XXVII, Number 1, Winter/Spring 2001

Table of Contents


doi: 10.21061/jots.v27i1.a.1
Editor Gives Journal a Boost and Leaves Prematurely
Jerry Streichler, Editor


doi: 10.21061/jots.v27i1.a.2
Technology Curriculum Organizers That Could Make a Difference
Ernest N. Savage

doi: 10.21061/jots.v27i1.a.3
The Process and Curriculum of Techonology Transfer
Xueshu Song and Radha Balamuralikrishna

doi: 10.21061/jots.v27i1.a.4
How Nontraditional Bachelor of Science Degree Technology Students Perceive Distance Learning
Dale E. Thompson, Betsy Orr and Cecelia Thompson

doi: 10.21061/jots.v27i1.a.5
Learning Styles: Teaching Technology Subjects Can Be More Effective
Ronald I. Sutliff and Virginia Baldwin

doi: 10.21061/jots.v27i1.a.6
Technology Education's Role in the New National Science Standards
Gerald G. Lovedahl

doi: 10.21061/jots.v27i1.a.7
Cognitive Science Concepts and Technology Teacher Education
Dan Brown


doi: 10.21061/jots.v27i1.a.8
The Crucial Role of Local Number Portability in Today's Telecommunications Industry
Tim Obermier

doi: 10.21061/jots.v27i1.a.9
Focus on Communication and Collaboration: Suggestions for Implementing Change in the 21st Century
Charles Linnell

doi: 10.21061/jots.v27i1.a.10
Foster Self-Directed Team Members
Robert T. Howell

doi: 10.21061/jots.v27i1.a.11
Enriching the Undergraduate Experience Through a Technology Learning Community
Stephen A. Freeman, Dennis W. Field and Michael J. Dyrenfurth

doi: 10.21061/jots.v27i1.a.12
Some Essentials of Diversity in the Workplace
Robin Williams

The 2000 Paul T. Hiser Award
Mark Sanders

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