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Volume XXX, Number 2, Spring 2004

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Volume XXX, Issue No. 2, Spring 2004[PDF 516K]

Editorial Board [PDF 45K]

Table of Contents [PDF 34K]

Cover[PDF 91K]



Learning and Growing: Integrating Technology Undergraduates Into the Development of an Industrial Case Study [PDF 143K]
Kathryne Newton and Edie Schmidt

Using Multimedia to Teach a Class on Technology and Society [PDF 200K]
Patricia Ryaby Backer

An Evaluation of Internet-Based CAD Collaboration Tools [PDF 265K]
Shana Shiang-Fong Smith

A Model to Integrate Online Teaching and Learning Tools Into the Classroom[PDF 190K]
Klaus Schmidt and Dan Brown

Digital Intelligence Fostered by Technology[PDF 119K]
Nan B. Adams

An In-Process Surface Roughness Recognition System in End Milling Operations[PDF 256K]
Lieh-Dai Yang and Joseph C. Chen

Silicon Valley's Processing Needs Versus San Jose State University's Manufacturing Systems Processing Component: Implications for Industrial Technology[PDF 115K]
Samuel C. Obi

Creative and Collaborative Problem Solving in Technology Education: A Case Study in Primary School Teacher Education[PDF 161K]
Jari Lavonen, Ossi Autio, and Veijo Meisalo

The Effect of Problem-Solving Instruction on Children's Creativity and Self-efficacy in the Teaching of the Practical Arts Subject[PDF 214K]
Namyong Chung and Gyoung-sug Ro

Energy Technology: A Cross-Curricular Approach in Japan[PDF 235K]
Sadato Yamazaki, Cyril King, Mika Shinde, Osamu Ohiwa, and Sohichiro Hirai

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