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Volume XXXV, Number 1, Fall 2009

Front CoverPDF [468 KB]

Table of ContentsPDF [68 KB]

Complete IssuePDF [1.6 MB]

Editorial BoardPDF [80 KB]

ForewordPDF [68 KB] HTML [3 KB]


Nanotechnology Education: Contemporary Content and Approaches
Jeremy V. Ernst PDF [156 KB] HTML [28 KB]

Nano Revolution – Big Impact: How Emerging Nanotechnologies Will Change the Future of Education and Industry in America (and More Specifically in Oklahoma) An Abbreviated Account
Steven E Holley PDF [168 KB] HTML [51 KB]

Simulation of a Start-up Manufacturing Facility for Nanopore Arrays
Dennis W. FieldPDF [204 KB] HTML [23 KB]

Bio-based Nanocomposites: An Alternative to Traditional Composites
Jitendra S. Tate, Adekunle T. Akinola, and Dmitri Kabakov PDF [276 KB]HTML [38 KB]

A Guide for the Safe Handling of Engineered and Fabricated Nanomaterials
Wanda L. Greaves-HolmesPDF [140 KB] HTML [34 KB]

Potential Ambient Energy-Harvesting Sources and Techniques
Faruk Yildiz PDF [416 KB] HTML [43 KB]

Technology Transfer Issues and a New Technology Transfer Model
Hee Jun Choi PDF [188 KB] HTML [43 KB]

“A Way of Revealing”: Technology and Utopianism in Contemporary Culture
Alexander Charles Oliver Hall PDF [156 KB] HTML [49 KB]

Technology Teachers’ Beliefs About Biotechnology and Its Instruction in South Korea
Hyuksoo Kwon and Mido Chang PDF [168 KB] HTML [48 KB]

Examining the Nature of Technology Graduate Education
Nathan Hartman, Marvin Sarapin, Gary Bertoline, and Susan Sarapin PDF [148 KB] HTML [32 KB]

The 2008 Paul T. Hiser Award PDF [72 KB] HTML [3 KB]

Guidelines for the Journal of Technology StudiesPDF [124 KB] HTML [9 KB]

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