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January/February/March, 1997
Volume 43, Number 1

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by Mary Clark

We did it! We managed to move ourselves, our collections, and our patrons to the Library of Virginia's new building, safely and, so far, without hospitalizations for exhaustion or mental derangement.

If you love meetings, you will enjoy moving. There were equipment meetings, stacks-layout meetings, telephone-installation meetings, computer-resources meetings, box-folding-instruction meetings, and general-move-information meetings, all of which spawned more meetings. If you love special projects, you will enjoy moving. Our single biggest project was creating the new "Main Collection" for the new Library's enlarged reading rooms. We selected about 40,000 volumes from the closed stacks area for that collection.

The biggest challenge that I personally faced during the move was coordinating and designing the collection and services to be provided by the State and Federal Documents Room. For the first time, The Library of Virginia would have a public service point devoted to government information. Happily, the State and Federal Documents Room is even more successful than I dared to imagine. I am also happy we have the opportunity to spread the word about the State Documents Depository Program we administer and the Federal Documents Depository Program in which we participate.

Moving is a continuing process, not just an event. We will continue to evaluate our decisions for years to come. As the excitement and pressures of deadlines and decisions with far-reaching consequences come to a close, we remember why we moved-to provide better service and access to our patrons and to protect our heritage, the collections of The Library of Virginia.

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