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January/February/March, 1997
Volume 43, Number 1

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A Collaborative Effort

by Cy Dillon

As the Virginia Libraries Editorial Board and I enter our second year of compiling this publication, some words of thanks are in order for those who have contributed above and beyond the call of duty. First, no matter how busy her schedule or how complex her own situation, Karen Dillon has been willing to devote hours to typing, editing, planning, and helping me avoid the gloom that gathers whenever a deadline approaches. Her creativity and good taste have saved me from grief on more than one occasion, though I am not sure that was included in the marriage vows.

Other Editorial Board members have also been invaluable. John Kneebone has brought his skill as an historian and his energy as a writer and editor to my aid constantly. Many of last year's best articles were suggested or solicited by John, who has never been too busy to devote hours to the magazine.

Julie Campbell, also of the Library of Virginia, has done a wonderful job of editing "Virginia Reviews." In terms of both quality and quantity these book reviews compare well to those in national publications.

Rebecca Laine has given us the benefit of her wide experience in publishing as well as her writing talent. Her interview with Tasha Tudor was exceptional. Bill Brown has brought us the public library perspective along with his own writing and planning skills. Nan Seamans has connected us to the fascinating and demanding world of medical libraries.

Virginia Libraries' attractive design is for the most part the product of the talent of Jon Marken of Lamp-Post Publicity. Jon always imparts a calculated, finished look to work that has left my office in a state that is not too far removed from panic. In addition, he has kept the printing costs reasonable at a time when VLA's budget is tight.

For far too long Pierre Courtois, our gifted photographer, has not received the credit due an important contributor. With this issue, featuring a photographic essay by Pierre on Legislative Day, this oversight will be corrected. I hope readers enjoy his ability to capture the faces of the library community in Virginia.

In 1997 Virginia Libraries will begin to be published in part on the Worldwide Web at the Virginia Library Association site ( We plan to post the contents, the "President's Column," and "Virginia Reviews" for each issue. There are no plans as yet to abandon print, but who can say what the future of publishing holds? One thing is certain. If we can continue to keep good people involved in our journal, it will be one of which the Association can be proud-whatever the format.

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