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Volume 45, Number 1

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by Cy Dillon

Library instruction is changing as rapidly as the information environment itself, and this issue of Virginia Libraries is devoted to exploring the methods and media used in a wide variety of settings around the Commonwealth. Articles cover K-12 instruction, community college tutorials, undergraduate courses, reference work in public and private academic libraries, and library instruction for distance education. It is reassuring to observe how successfully our instructional efforts have been adjusted to the library's new role as a physical or virtual place that points to vast quantities information, rather than simply housing and organizing a limited portion of books and journals.

This success is reflected in the leading role libraries are expected to take in the process of using new technologies for teaching and learning, though that does not always mean better financial support. Public libraries are also facing this expectation from their communities, and can expect more demands as the electronic resources funded by the General Assembly make their way into all our localities. We will deliver the goods, just as we have with everything from children's literature to Internet access. Year after year, dollars spent by institutions and governments on libraries are among the best collective investments that can be made.

Nan Seamans of Virginia Tech, a long-time Editorial Board member and new Associate Editor, is responsible for recruiting most of the articles in this issue and for answering authors' questions during the writing process. Nan brings a wealth of experience in public, academic, and health science libraries to our journal as well as a commendable energy level. I expect that her efforts will improve this publication, and I hope she will enjoy the contact with our readers and authors as much as I have over the years. If nothing else, working on Virginia Libraries always reminds me that our state is blessed with great information resources and greater people working with those collections.

Barbie Selby of the University of Virginia, our Publications Committee Chair, also deserves recognition for her recruiting efforts in the past two years. Steve Stratton's interview with Fran Buckley developed out of an idea from Barbie, and she is now at work helping us gather articles on special libraries for the 1999 second quarter issue. Barbie, along with VLA Council, increased our production budget for this year so that we will be able to publish more articles and share more quality information.

Virginia Libraries, and VLA, will be represented in the American Library Association Annual Conference this summer in a presentation on Internet publication of library literature. In the meantime, Steve Helm and I will be working to increase the number of back issues available on the VLA website. Based on the writing this quarter, our libraries and authors deserve the additional exposure.

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