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Volume 46, Number 1

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Virginia Libraries Internet Reference Resources

by Scott Silet

The Cambridge History of English and American Literature

This is a full-text, searchable version of the classic 15-volume English edition (Ward & Waller) and 4-volume American edition (Trent, Erskine, et al.) published between 1907 and 1921 by Cambridge University Press and Putnam. Literature is broadly defined in this work-dincluding a large collection of literary genres and lengthy literary biographies of novelists, poets, dramatists, essayists, historians, philosophers, theologians, and journalists. Users interested in browsing the work will benefit from the inclusion of a handy chapter index ( The search box is somewhat obscured by the advertisement at the top of each screen. Another marvelous project from the folks at the

Global Statistics
soon to be located at

This site contains detailed demographic, geographic, and economic statistics for nearly every country in the world. It includes current city, region, and country populations (most of which include a 10 to 15 year-old comparison) as well as a section of useful top 25 rankings. Source information for statistical tables is provided. Data compiled by Johan van der Heyden, Global Statistics webmaster.

Constitution Finder

Alphabetical index of full-text constitutions, charters, amendments, and other documents available on the Internet for over 150 countries around the world. Links to superseded and unratified constitutions are included when available. Produced and maintained by students and faculty of the University of Richmond School of Law.


Searchable "meta-index" of over 160 electronic journal indexes useful for finding databases that index a specific journal (ala Ulrich's Periodical Directory) and which of those databases offer full-text journal access. While only a handful of indexes can be searched by name, the journal title coverage of all indexes included can be found in the ( database list. Those libraries wanting to set up their own front-end scripts to the data contained in Jake are free to do so.

The World at War

This annual status report from the DC-based Center for Defense Information provides detailed information on dozens of major current international conflicts as well as numerous dormant conflicts or incidences of political violence with the potential to restart. Reports include an overall summary of world conflicts, profiles of major disputes, and a brief description of each major conflict including main warring parties, year conflict began, cause(s), and foreign parties involved. Compiled on the Web since 1998 by Col. Dan Smith U.S.A. (Ret.), Chief of Research, Center for Defense Information.

Exchange Rates, Balance of Payments, and Trade Data

Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED) is a large repository of macroeconomic data collected by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. FRED contains historic monthly averages and daily dollar exchange rates against 34 major foreign currencies, most of which date back to 1971. Other sections include historic balance of trade data (since 1960), monthly import-export trade data (since 1992), and import/export data of goods to six of the United States' leading trading partners: Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, and the UK since 1974.

E&P Media Links Online Media Directory
http://emedia.mediainfo. com/emedia/

Worldwide directory of newspapers, media associations, magazines, radio and television stations, and news syndicates. Includes a particularly comprehensive directory of U.S. newspaper websites including over 60 in Virginia. Offers both simple and advanced search engines. The site, maintained by the media-savvy folks at Editor & Publisher, also includes E&P's weekly employment listings for journalists.

Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy

Browse or search the 17th edition (1999) of this classic century-old medical textbook. Geared toward a medical audience, the Merck Manual focuses on internal medicine but provides detailed information on pediatrics, psychiatry, obstetrics, gynecology, dermatology, pharmacology, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, and a number of specialized subjects. Topic sections include etiology and pathogenesis, symptoms, signs, & diagnosis, laboratory findings, and treatment. Edited by physicians Mark H. Beers and Robert Berkow.

Internet Movie Database

One of the premier reference Web sites around. Searchable, integrated database of feature films and television movies as well as extensive actor filmographies and movie credits. Search by movie title, actor/actress, filmmaker, genre, keyword, year, country of production, and much more. Includes an extensive searchable quotation database as well as a handy guide to the Oscars with listings of all winners and nominees back to 1929. Entries include full cast and production crew credits, links to web-accessible reviews, plot summaries, weekly box office receipts, promotional material (posters, trailers, etc.), and much more.

AMG All Music Guide

The flagship of three databases produced by the All Media Guide Network, the All Music Guide is a comprehensive database of contemporary music focusing on rock & roll, country, blues, jazz, folk, bluegrass among others since the late 1920s. Search or browse by artist, album or song title, music label, or by any of over 250 musical styles. Entries include detailed biographies of artists, discographies of albums, box sets, and singles, musical and production credits for each album, songs covered by other artists, as well as thousands of thoughtful album reviews written by a talented network of professional AMG staff and freelance writers specializing in music. Discographies indicate which titles are in print in the US. No lyrics included. A separate database is available for classical music (

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