Hatteras: Excerpts from 360°
Chris Stewart

01---crab-baskets 02---gutting-table 03---avon-village 04---rental-units
Excerpts from 360 is a collection of photographs depicting Hatteras Island which is in the Outer Banks region of North Carolina. By capturing multiple images from one vantage point and then digitally “stitching” them together in post-production, I was able to create final images with an extreme horizontal angle of view. After years of photographing in this region, I began to realize the imagery that I was seeking was not to be found in front of me, but was in fact the entire environment where I stood.
05---posts 06---tall-grass 07---lazy-boy 08---retaining-wall
The resulting wide format images allow the viewer to experience a larger portion of the environment that I experienced while photographing. I believe the outcome is a body of work that gives an impression of the “true color”, both physical and emotional, that Hatteras Island embodies for me. —Chris Stewart
  09---dock-skew 10---dune-skew  

All photographs ©2001 Chris Stewart