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EReserve is designed to aid instructors in providing online course materials to students. With our recently redesigned system, students immediately see the changes you have made to your online course materials.

Instructors may:

All Virginia Tech instructors can use EReserve if they have the following three items:

Step 1: Log in to VTO.

EReserve is a part of the campus service called VTO (Virginia Tech Online) so the first step is to log in to the server. When you've logged in to VTO using your VT PID (the same one you use for VT email), it will present you with the courses that you are teaching through links to the university timetable.

Step 2: Add or remove items from your course.

Once you've logged in to VTO, the server will present you with a list of the classes that you are scheduled to teach. Each course will have a linkto the list of items in it as well as a button for "Add Items" and another onefor "Remove Items." If you click "Add Items" it will ask you how many items you would like to add and then present you with a form. If you click "Remove Items" it will present you with a list of items from which you can select the items to be removed.

An historical view of the process with screen shots is available so you can see in detail how EReserve used to work.

What is EReserve?

Electronic Reserve is Web access to materials traditionally available at the library's Reserve Desk. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, EReserve provides a central place for access to instructors' online course materials. (The Reserve Reading List Database is an online list of materials available only at the Reserve Desk and only in hard copy.)

Everyone who is a part of the university has access to E-Reserve. From on campus (e.g., in the library or a computer lab) or with VTNet98, the computer's Internet (IP) address is recognized as being appropriate to access VT-only resources. Campus computer labs have Internet connections and software (e.g,. Web browser, such as Netscape, and Acrobat Reader) to access, read, print, and download Virginia Tech online course materials. If you live away from campus and choose not to use the VTNet98 software, you can still access EReserve materials--your e-mail PID and password verify that you are approved for access to VT-only resources. (See detailed instructions.)

About VT Courseware

VT Courseware is a document server that faculty and other instructors can use to store online courses or supplemental class materials. In addition, the courseware server will mirror existing course sites, provide searches for course materials stored on the courseware server, support class chats, and restrict access to materials as needed.

VT Courseware Features

The courseware server was integrated into the new Virginia Tech Intranet website which debuted late August, 1998.

For more detailed information about VT Courseware, see Courseware Help

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