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22,864 VT ETDs

VT ETDs are migrating into VTech Works! 21,363 will move from the ETD Database to join the >1,380 most current ETDs already in VTechWorks.

Virginia Tech has been a worldwide leader in ETD initiatives for more than 20 years. On January 1, 1997 VT was the first university to require ETDs. Our mission is to preserve and provide access to the research and scholarship of Virginia Tech's graduate students.

ETDs give students the opportunity to prepare, submit, review, and publish electronic works such as book chapters, journal articles, and conference presentations. We support supplementary files in media formats such as csv (data), audio, video, 3-D images, and others.

VT's ETD policies, procedures, and software are openly available from this web site. The guidelines that apply to Virginia Tech's graduate students as ETD authors can be found at and the Graduate School.

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