Technology for All Americans Project

Future Plans

It is the long term plan of the International Technology Education Association and the Technology for All Americans Project to develop complementary standards to the K-12 content standards that will address student assessment, teacher enhancement and preparation, and program assessment at the individual school and/or school system level.

Content standards in technology education relate directly to the student as the audience. They reflect what every student should know and be able to do in technology. More specifically, they indicate the knowledge and skills -- the ways of knowing and doing. Content standards should directly reflect the most important and enduring of the universals of technology. Assessment standards, which are sometimes referred to as performance standards, will specify the degree to which content standards have been attained in the performance of the student. The Technology for All Americans Project proposes to develop assessment standards for technology education after the content standards are created and validated.

Finally, the Technology for All Americans Project will develop program standards for technology education. Adequate resources, such as facilities, equipment, and supplies/materials are central to a quality technology education program. Program standards will provide a framework for assuring quality district level or school level programs in technology education. This framework will provide criteria on all elements of the K-12 technology education program that are consistent with each other and are articulated within and across each grade level. The technology education program should be coordinated with other school subjects to promote interdisciplinary learning. The Technology for All Americans Project will utilize the Standards for Technology Education Programs (1986) as a key resource in developing new program standards.

In addition to developing content standards, assessment standards, and program standards, the project proposes to create teacher enhancement and teacher preparation standards. The teacher enhancement standards will present the criteria for inservicing the existing elementary and technology teachers already in the classroom/laboratory. Standards will be developed that will provide criteria to be used in making judgments about the quality of professional development opportunities (pre-service for new teachers of technology education). This is very important since many states are already experiencing a shortage of qualified and certificated technology education teachers.

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