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Why do we need Standards for Technology Education: Content for the Study of Technology (Technology Content Standards) ? What is technological literacy? What key terms should I know and use? Who will benefit from Technology Content Standards?  What should I be doing now in preparation for the release of Technology Content Standards?

These are just a few of the topics addressed in the PowerPoint presentations created by TfAAP. These presentations have been used at state, regional, and national conferences to explain the process of developing Technology Content Standards. You may use them in your state, locality, or other educational settings as a means to inform others about Technology Content Standards and technological studies.

The presentations are saved as PowerPoint files, version 4.0. Remember, you must have a compatible version of PowerPoint to view each file. If your web browser is not configured to open files with a .ppt extension, then after clicking on the link, you will need to save the file instead of opening it. (For PC users, you may save the file by clicking on the link using the right mouse button. For Mac users, you must hold down the mouse button while clicking on the link.)

1999 ITEA Conference Technology Content Standards Session Slide Presentation
Click here to download this presentation .ppt (858KB).
Click here to read and print the script for this presentation.

1999 ITEA Conference CTTE/Technology Teacher Education Session Slide Presentation
Click here to download this presentation .ppt (40KB).

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