Content Standards Publication Date Rescheduled

After an extensive evaluation of the feedback from the dissemination of draft #3 of Standards for Technology Education: Content for the Study of Technology (Content Standards), the Board of Directors of the International Technology Education Association (ITEA) and ITEA’s Technology for All Americans Project staff have rescheduled the publishing date  to the year 2000. The decision was made after conferring with funding agencies and national experts who have experienced the standards building process.

In order to provide the best possible document for the profession, a substantive review process is being undertaken to strengthen the current document in terms of accuracy, usability, and cohesiveness. The goal is to publish the best possible document rather than rushing to closure with selected areas still needing enhancement.

ITEA President, Ronald D. Yuill, DTE, stated, “We applaud this decision to strengthen the standards document and to ensure that it is as robust as possible.”

At the ITEA conference in Indianapolis in March, all programs pertaining to Content Standards will be presented as planned. This step will increase the overall strength of Content Standards, as well as other standards documents that ITEA’s TfAAP anticipates to develop in next phase of the project. These additional standards will address assessment, teacher enhancement, teacher preparation, and program standards (laboratory  and classroom environment).

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