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COLUMN: What's new for you


Tired of the old tub?

You can have your bathtub replaced or reglazed or recolored. And now you can give it a new look without the expense and mess of remodeling.

Re-Bath Corp. makes a liner molded to fit right over your present tub. The liner is made of 1/4-inch high-impact acrylic with a nonporous surface.

Installation does not distrub the existing walls or floor around the tub. It also will not disturb the plumbing, except for the tub drain and overflow to the liner.

The liners come in a variety of colors. For more information, call 800-929-1852 or 800-426-4573.

Extra set of eyes

A video monitoring system by Vivitar Corp. promises to make home security a little more affordable.

Highlighting the line is Vivitar's SMS-5C system that meets a wide range of home-monitoring needs - from nursery to front door. With its six infared transmitters on its camera, it can "see" up to five feet in total darkness. The 60-foot cable connects to a 5-inch black and white monitor and requires no complicated installation or setup.

Optional weatherproof housing provides monitoring of outdoor areas. Suggested retail price is about $320.

For consumers who choose to provide their own monitor, Vivitar offers the SMS-W3, a wireless system that has a range of 120 feet and penetrates most walls, ceilings and floors to allow distant monitoring without messy cables and damaging holes. It sells for about $350.

Call 805-498-7008.

Gardeners on line

Good news for gardeners.

Garden Escape, a new Internet-based software company that provides a virtual gardening paradise from the convenience of a home computer, is now on line. Services range from expert help on planning and design to selection from a broad inventory of premium plants, supplies and accessories from a group of well-known brand suppliers.

Users also are able to chat with other gardeners through Garden Escape's "Virtual Garden Club."

Garden Escape's home page address on the World Wide Web is

Can-do can

Mowing the lawn has been made one step easier with the introduction of Smart-Fill Fuel Can from Briggs & Stratton, which claims a new nozzle system eliminates the messy, smelly and inconvenient chore of refueling the mower's gas tank.

The can features a spill-resistant nozzle so there's no need to worry about splashing or dripping gas onto hands, clothing, the lawn, driveway or garage floor. The "smart" nozzle opens only when fully inserted into the tank and shuts off automatically when the tank is full or when the nozzle is removed.

Consumers will find the 2.5-gallon handy when refueling any type of outdoor power equipment. It sells for about $20.

For more information, call 800-967-7627.

The advice is free

For do-it-yourselfers who have questions about power tools or need advice to help complete a project, Black & Decker comes to the rescue.

You can now call Black & Decker at 800-54-HOW-TO. The hot line is staffed by experienced power-tool users who can give project advice, help with questions about tools and give step-by-step instructions for completing DIY tasks. The line is open between 8 a.m. - 8 p.m., seven days a week.

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