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DATE: SATURDAY, June 4, 1994                    TAG: 9406040390 
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{LEAD} On Thursday, it was announced that Allen Iverson will attend Georgetown University on a basketball grant-in-aid.

But first things first.

{REST} On Friday, it was disclosed that Iverson, a one-time Bethel High School basketball All-American convicted last summer on three felony counts, is on track for graduation next month from Richard Milburn High, a Woodbridge, Va.-based institution that operates programs in Prince William County, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, York County and Williamsburg. Iverson's exact whereabouts have been a well-kept secret.

A press release from the self-described alternative high school for at-risk youth revealed that ``Mr. Allen Iverson is currently a student at Richard Milburn High School and he plans to graduate in July 1994.''

Milburn High was founded in 1975 by Richard A. Grim, a retired disabled veteran of the Vietnam War, to meet an educational need for basic skills and GED instruction for the Marine Corps at Quantico, Va.

Iverson must still achieve a minimum score of 700 on the Scholastic Assessment Test and must achieve a 2.0 core curriculum grade-point average to be eligible to play as a freshman at Georgetown.

Iverson, who was jailed in early September, was released in late December when he received a conditional pardon from outgoing Gov. L. Douglas Wilder. Iverson was freed with the stipulations that he could not play organized basketball, must attend classes regularly, and must abide to nightly curfews until the clemency agreement expires Aug. 23.

At that point, Iverson will be subject to conditions imposed by the parole board and the state's Department of Corrections. by CNB