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Even though he cheered his girl on from the sideline, his powers were useless.

No cape, no suit with a big S on it. Just beach shorts and a baseball cap.

Dean Cain - who plays the role of the super hero in the television series ``Lois and Clark, the New Adventures of Superman'' - was in the crowd of nearly 2,000 spectators at the Oceanfront last weekend for the final stop in the Bud Light Pro Beach Volleyball Tournament.

His real life Lois - fashion model Gabrielle Reece - was playing for Team Nike and the squad was in the championship game.

But things weren't going well.

And Cain couldn't call on his television super-powers to keep Team Nike from losing to Team Sony Autosound. ``I wish it was that easy,'' said Cain, 28. A former Princeton football player, he attracted a lot of attention from women in the crowd.

Cain was fortunate his schedule allowed him to follow Reece around for a couple of stops on the tour this summer. Shooting for the second season of the Superman series doesn't begin until Aug. 2.

``The first year was very fun,'' said Cain, who has also appeared in ``Beverly Hills 90210,'' the short-lived ``Grapevine'' and several other shows. ``We're all looking forward to getting back on the set, but it's fun to be able to come and cheer (Reece) on. She's been playing very well.''

Cain and Reece grabbed a lot of the volleyball fans' attention.

Even though her team lost, when the championship was over, it took the two nearly 30 minutes to make their way from the court to the players' tent just a few yards away.

They signed T-shirts, volleyballs, hats, posters and just about anything else anybody could find.

Reece splits her time between volleyball, modeling and promoting her own line of skin-care products.

``Our schedules don't permit it very often, so yes, it is kind of nice to have him around,'' Reece said. ``I can see what he does on television. He seems to enjoy all the volleyball.''

Once the weekend's action was over, four of the players had to hurry to their hotel rooms to prepare for a 5 p.m. flight to Europe where they would play the Italian national team before heading to the Goodwill Games in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Jeanne Reeves of Team Champion is the U.S. national team coach, while Alicia Mills and sisters Beverly and Kim Oden are players for the team.

``We've got a pretty busy schedule coming up, as if it hasn't been already,'' said Kim Oden, who led Team Sony Autosound to the overall Grand Prix points championship for the 10-stop tour and this weekend's Beach championship.

``But this is a good way to finish the tour and get ready for our trip. We're all looking forward to getting over there and going for the gold.''

Tour announcer Jonathan Norris kept things jumping on the sand with crazy antics, loud music and top-notch game coverage.

But his big moment came shortly before the championship game, when he let hair-care technicians from Paul Mitchell cut ``ESPN'' into the back of his hair.

Norris didn't have to do much to keep this crowd jumping.

When a bungee jumper prepared to take a dive at Beach Bungee nearby at Rudee Inlet, the fans in the bleachers began to chant.

``Go, go, go, go,'' they shouted.

``I just love a self-starting crowd,'' Norris announced. ``Give yourselves a big round of applause.''

The players appreciated the efforts of the fans as much as Norris.

``This is really good for volleyball and for us,'' Kim Oden said. ``Everybody was having a great time, and they appreciate what we're doing. The four-person game is so much better for that . . . lots of action.''

Several tour sponsors joined Paul Mitchell in setting up booths around the perimeter of the court.

But the most popular were in the VIP area where Hoffman Beverages and the Beach Bully barbecue folks kept several hundred fat and happy.

``It doesn't get any better than this,'' said one tanned fan, sporting a sandwich in one hand and a beer in the other. ``Some of the greatest volleyball you'll ever see and great hospitality to boot.''

The Beach stop - billed as Volley Bowl II - will be aired on ESPN and ESPN 2. The show will be broadcast at 2 a.m. Aug. 28 on ESPN 2, and again at 9:30 p.m. Sept. 26.

``It's been a pretty popular show, both the guys' and the women's tour,'' said ESPN announcer Lindsey Buechler. ``I think everybody's kind of glad the tour is over, because it's a long summer with a lot of traveling. And so many of these women have so many things on their plate, it's good to get one thing off.

``But I can tell you that they appreciate the way the crowd in Virginia Beach turns out for this thing. We knew it would be popular after the way they turned out for the first stop here last year.''

Obviously popular enough to attract Superman and his lady. ILLUSTRATION: [Cover]



Kim Oden, left, and Missy Kurt jump for joy as Team Autosound scores

on championship point to win the Bud Light Pro Beach Volleyball



Missy Kurt of champion Team Sony Autosound dives for a save in the

final of the Bud Light Pro Beach Volleyball Tournament at the

Oceanfront last weekend.

Dean Cain (left), who plays the role of Superman in the television

series ``Lois and Clark, the New Adventures of Superman,'' was among

the nearly 2,000 spectators watching his girlfriend, fashion model

Gabrielle Reece (right), who played for Team Nike in the final.

It's not all sun and fun. Elaine Youngs of Team Paul Mitchell ices

down her knee after she - and her team - fell in the semifinals.

With an assist from teammate Missy Kurt,Kim Oden of Team Sony goes

up for a spike as Kathy Eldridge of Team Nike moves in to defend.

``This is really good for volleyball and for us,'' said Oden.

Kelly VanWinden zeroes in on a return. After the weekend's action,

four of the players were headed for the Goodwill Games in St.

Petersburg, Russia.

The champions: Kim Oden, left, Missy Kurt, Tammy Liley and Christa

Cook. Team Autosound also won the Grand Prix points championship for

the 10-stop pro tour.

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