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LOCAL TV nuggets to mull over while you wait for the dust to settle on Jupiter:

First it was Terry and LeAnne and John, and now their boss - The flight from the WAVY newsroom continues with the departure of news director Bob Cashen.

Channel 10 is advertising in the trades for his replacement.

WAVY asks: ``Are you a visionary? A leader? Like challenges? Can you bring out the best in people?'' If so, apply to general manager Lyle Banks.

Before Cashen left, anchors Terry Zahn, LeAnne Rains and John Castleberry preceded him out the door. Going, going, gone. What is it with these people? Don't they like working in Portsmouth?

And speaking of comings and goings, Earl Weirich retired recently as vice president of public relations at the Family Channel in Virginia Beach after helping build FAM - that's what it's called in the business - into the eighth largest cable channel in the United States with more than 50 million subscribers.

Weirich is an old pro and a gentleman, too. I'll miss working with him.

Ann Linen Powell is his replace-ment.

Think of it as a picture postcard on television - The FX cable channel sent Jilian Hamilton and a crew from ``Breakfast Time'' to Hampton Roads the other day to show the world the sun, sand and surf of Virginia Beach.

It is the kind of exposure the city's department of convention and visitor development prays for, and it was all for free. The surf looked terrific behind the credits that rolled at the end of the show.

Kent Hinnant of the city's lifesaving squad recruited some of Virginia Beach's best bods (Guy Wheatley, Matt Temme, Alan Holmes, Tom Gill, Ken Cashwell, Bill Dowding, Romi and Chris Manella, Lee Throckmorton and Stephanie Reavis) to go on camera with Hamilton.

FX spent a week doing remotes from Virginia.

Where are they now (update) - Judging by my mail and phone calls, you like the idea of devoting some space in this column to catching up with the people who used to be on TV in this market. Marian Kennedy of Virginia Beach asks if I know what's become of Jeff Dane, who worked at Channel 3 in a number of on-camera jobs when it was WTAR-TV. Dane is perhaps best remembered for doing a show that covered the local fishing and boating scene. Dane, who retired early from WTAR-TV about 17 years ago, is living in Naples, Fla.

Another reader asks about Joe Perkins, who was Dane's colleague in the early days of Channel 3 and who also reported on the outdoors. Perkins, 60, recently retired after working for Channel 3 on and off camera for 41 years.

Other former local TV celebs on the minds of readers include Tony Burden, John Wilson, Sandra Kelly, Bud Kaatz and Cathy Midkiff. I'm tracking them down. Some readers asked about Chris Castleman, who reported the weather on WVEC's morning show until last year. Castlemen left broadcasting because of health problems and has relocated in Louisiana. (My Infoline number is 640-5555, press 2486).

And now, for some news about schedules - Reruns of Arsenio Hall's talk show will disappear on Sept. 12 when WGNT (Channel 27) signs on with ``The Jon Stewart Show.'' MTV types know who he is - the offbeat, slightly irreverent bright guy who's been hosting a half-hour talk show on the music channel.

Stewart's a William and Mary grad. The man who runs the company that will syndicate Stewart's show, Steve Goldman, says Stewart will soon be a big, big star on TV. Stewart himself says it's nice to have this gig, but what he really wants is Mary Hart's job on ``Entertainment Tonight.''

And in closing, a fashion note: Last Saturday, did you you catch WTKR noon anchor Ann Keffer turn model on the Buzz Duds segment of the very cool ``Buz TV'' on Channel 3? Our very own Princess Di looked particularly hot in a black evening dress. by CNB