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Virginia prep basketball standout Allen Iverson has graduated from an alternative high school, moving a step closer to enrolling at Georgetown.

Iverson signed a letter-of-intent in April with the Hoyas, but his schooling had been interrupted by four months in the Hampton, Va., jail farm last year.

He was sentenced to five years in prison in September 1993 after being convicted of three felonies for his role in a bowling alley brawl. After serving four months, then-Gov. L. Douglas Wilder released Iverson on a conditional clemency that included a temporary ban on basketball and directed Iverson to attend to his education.

Iverson finished his final credit hour last week and graduated Saturday from Richard Milburn High School in Virginia Beach, Va., school President Robert Crosby said.

Georgetown students began classes last week, but students may enroll through Wednesday. Should Iverson enroll, he would be eligible to play in the fall.

Iverson, 19, of Hampton, is one of the top point guard prospects in the country. He was The Associated Press' player of the year in both football and basketball for 1992-93, his junior year at Bethel High School.

Georgetown officials declined to comment on Iverson's status. ILLUSTRATION: Allen Iverson

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