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The Mars family of McLean, with an estimated net worth of $14 billion, again tops a list of the 100 richest Virginians, according to Virginia Business magazine's seventh annual survey of the state's wealthiest.

The privately held company guards its financial data, and Virginia Business says it only has a fair level of confidence in its estimates of the family's worth. For everyone on the list,

Here are the top individuals and families, and selected others:

Forrest E. Mars Jr., Jacqueline Mars and John F. Mars of McLean, $14 billion. These brothers and sister run the Mars candy empire.

John W. Kluge of Charlottesville and New York, $8.8 billion. Kluge's Midas touch has gone on for decades in the media and entertainment businesses. Among other things, he controls Orion Pictures.

Richmond's Gottwald family, $965 million. The family has made a fortune in chemical manufacturer Ethyl Corp. and its many spinoffs.

Paul Mellon, scion of the industrialist clan and a philanthropist and horseman. The Upperville resident is worth about $850 million, Virginia Business said.

The Batten family, $800 million, of Hampton Roads. Frank Batten's Norfolk-based Landmark Communications Inc. owns seven daily newspapers, including The Virginian-Pilot and The Ledger-Star, more than 70 smaller publications, two television stations and The Weather Channel and The Travel Channel.

Washington Redskins owner Jack Kent Cooke of Middleburg and Washington, D.C. He's worth $800 million, the magazine said.

Woodrow McGlothlin and son James W. McGlothlin, who run a southwest Virginia-based mining enterprise. They are worth $760 million, the magazine said.

Others residents of Hampton Roads and neighboring communities on the list:

15. The Darden family of Norfolk, $250 million. Constance Simons du Pont Darden, 92, widow of former Gov. Colgate W. Darden Jr., anchors this family's wealthy claim. According to Virginia Business, she has passed most of her fortune to her grandchildren.

18. The Kirby family of Surry County, $230 million. Ann Kirby Kirby is heir to a fortune built by her grandfather in retailing and corporate deal-making.

25. Ronald I. Dozoretz of Norfolk, $160 million. Dozoretz built his fortune in psychiatric hospitals and services. His FHC Health Systems owns 23 hospitals and its Options subsidiary is a major provider of managed-care mental-health and substance-abuse services.

32. The Gray family of Waverly, $100 million. Former state senator Elmon T. Gray, his sons and one of their cousins have interests in real estate and timbering.

46. The Bottom family of Hampton, $80 million.

46. The Van Buren family of Hampton and Norfolk, $80 million. The Bottoms and the Van Burens made their fortunes with the 1986 sale of the Daily Press in Newport News for $200 million.

51. F. Wayne McLeskey Jr. of Virginia Beach, $75 million. A major landowner and real-estate developer.

58. Pat Robertson of Virginia Beach, $65 million. Founder of Christian Broadcasting Network and former presidential candidate, his fortune principally derives from his interest in International Family Entertainment Inc., parent of The Family Channel. Robertson led a leveraged buyout of Family Channel from CBN in 1989.

58. Joseph W. Luter III of Smithfield and Washington, $65 million. The chairman of Smithfield-based meatpacker, Smithfield Foods Inc.

68. Edwin A. Joseph of Gloucester County, $50 million. His Great Atlantic Real Estate/Property Management Co. manages apartment complexes and other properties throughout the Southeast.

83. The Noland family of Newport News, $42 million. Lloyd U. Noland Jr. founded Noland Co., the plumbing-supply house, and his son Lloyd III is now the company's chairman.