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DATE: Monday, September 25, 1995             TAG: 9509230082
TYPE: Column 
SOURCE: Larry Maddrey 
                                             LENGTH: Medium:   58 lines


QUITE A FEW FOLKS have called Lynn Feigenbaum, the public editor, about last Wednesday's column attacking Oxford University Press for its politically correct version of the New Testament and the Psalms.

One of her callers made a request: ``The next time Mr. Maddry sobers up, would you ask him to stick to local human interest or silly parade stories?'' Ouch.

But some liked the column, including Fern McDougall of Norfolk - bless her - who said she loved it. ``I'm sure the politically correct crowd didn't like it,'' she said. ``Tell 'em to find a hobby.''

My old friend Jim Crumbley, the former head of the Virginia Port Authority's terminal operations, called to say he also liked the column but found a mistake. ``You said you were waiting to see the rap version of the Bible, and there already is one,'' he explained.

He was kind enough to send me his copy. Jim's right. I really goofed. The work is called ``The Bible Chronicles: From Genesis to the Promised Land.'' (Published by African American Family Press). The book, as former U.N. Ambassador Andrew Young states in the foreword, attempts to ``put the most important message of life into the language of the streets.''

I honestly prefer the rap version to the Oxford University press corruption. We tune in as God and Moses are having a heart to heart. God says:

``Don't let the folks up here on the mountain or I'll have to waste 'em. If a brother even touches the mountain, you gotta stone him to death. Tell 'em don't sweat it or they're outta here!''

And, now to the commandments:

I. Don't put anyone else before Me.

II. Don't make any carved object or things that look like what it is in heaven or below. And don't bow down to these things like they are anything heavy. Not ever!

III. You shouldn't diss the Almighty's name, using it in cuss words or rapping with one another. It ain't cool and payback's a monster.

IV. Remember the day of the Almighty, which is the seventh day. After you've worked six days give the seventh to the Almighty. (Remember that the Almighty made the heavens and the earth in six days. He rested on the seventh day and blessed it as right-on.)

V. You shouldn't be taking nothin' from your homegirls or homeboys.

VI. Give honor to your mom and dad, and you'll live a long time.

VII. Don't waste nobody.

VIII. Don't mess around with someone else's ol' man or ol' lady.

IX. Don't go 'round telling lies on your homebuddies.

X. Don't want what you can't have, or what your homebuddy has. It ain't cool.

Thanks, Jim. My prayer has been answered. by CNB