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DATE: Tuesday, August 13, 1996              TAG: 9608130010
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In the wake of several recent bombings, most perceived as terrorism, there is much hysteria and talk about more-extensive (and more-expensive) measures to ensure safety.

To win a war against terrorism is not necessarily to find a better defense. France's Maginot line was futile against the Nazi blitzkrieg. No war has ever been won with a good defense. General Patton achieved spectacular results with what is called aggressive offense. The motto of the infantry is to FIND, FIX, FIGHT, FINISH the enemy. The emphasis is on FINISH. The finish is to ensure you don't have to fight the enemy twice.

The principles of war apply to all wars. The only acceptable solution to war is to win. The alternative is to surrender yourself to the mercy of the enemy, especially if you wish to avoid casualties.

Until we develop the resolve to finish the enemy, we are fighting just another hopeless Vietnam. We have learned nothing from Vietnam. We settle for political rhetoric. The masses shovel out more money in worthless defense and naively eat it up.

The few of us who take an interest to better the world for our grandchildren, and see a different picture, so hopelessly helpless to influence the issue, agonize in frustration as we despairingly shovel out more of our money on the useless cause of the masses.


Virginia Beach, Aug. 8, 1996 by CNB