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[IN Q=Coming to this fair]

((Tim Montrief))
[OUT Q=becoming a policeman]
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Virginia State Police target the unemployed of Southside and wind up with applicants from across the mid- Atlantic.

Good evening, I'm Myranda Stephens.


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[GRAPHIC=News 7 at 6]

Applicants traveled to Martinsville from as far as Massachusets today to learn more about joining the Virginia State Police. The department hopes to hire nearly 200 people statewide by next January and as Jennifer Wishon reports, there are plenty of interested candidates.
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[SUPER=03-Martinsville; : 00 ]
[SUPER=01-Tim Montrief/Attended Recruitment Session; :11 ]
[SUPER=@Jennifer1; :31 ]
[SUPER=01-Sgt. Tom Foster/Virginia State Police; :41 ]
[SUPER=01-Robert Pradd/Attended Recruitment Session; 1:08 ]
[SUPER=01-Heather Eaton/Virginia State Police Recruiter; 1:31 ]
[OUT Q=JW, News 7, Martinsville]
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It wasn't Virginia State Police, but job hunters who responded to a call in Martinsville Saturday.
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[IN Q=I've always wanted]

((Tim Montrief))
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[OUT Q=more about what they do]

About a hundred people showed up for the Career Session to learn more about the possibility of becoming State Troopers. That's about half the number of people the department hopes to hire this year.
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[IN Q=Martinsville was chosen]

((Jennifer Wishon/JWishon@WDBJ7.com))
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[OUT Q=Virginia State Police]
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[IN Q=One of the things our]

((Sgt. Tom Foster))
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[OUT Q=with a smaller agency]

Foster says it's important for applicants to see the department does more than just run radar. ((NATS OF DOG DEMONSTRATION))
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In a post September 11th world, today's applicants will go through slightly different training, something that agrees with Robert Pradd.
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[IN Q=I had a childhood dream of becoming]

((Robert Pradd))
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[OUT Q=try out the state troopers]

Candidates for the job must be 21 years old on the date they're hired, have a clean background and be ready for independence.
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[IN Q=If you like freedom]

((Heather Eaton))
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[OUT Q=do your own schedule]

The next recruitment destination isn't until this spring in Wytheville, but interested parties can download applications from the department's website or pick them up at any local office. Jennifer Wishon, News 7, Martinsville.))


Stay with us, Travis will be right back with sports.


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[GRAPHIC=Tech Hoops]

The Virginia Tech women improved to 15 and 3, 4 and 3 in the Big East by beating Boston College today at the Cassell.
[SUPER=03-Blacksburg/Eagles vs. Hokies; :00]

The Hokies have now won back to back games for the first time in nearly 3 and a half weeks.
Carrie Mason scored 16 points in this one. She finishes with the tough drive to the rim for the hard earned deuce right here.
Dawn Chriss continues to play well for Tech. She tallied 14 points against the Eagles including these two with the kiss off the window.
[SUPER=33-Boston College/64/Virginia Tech #19/80/;]

Then Erin Gibson goes to work on the block. She also had 14. The Hokies trailed by 2 at the break but exploded in the second half to win going away 80 to 64. UCONN visits Blacksburg Tuesday night.


[TAPE#=SP-165 TC4920]

The Radford Highlanders beat Coastal Carolina for the 13th straight time today at the Dedmon Center but it wasn't easy.
[SUPER=03-Radford/Chanticleers vs. Highlanders; :00]

Byron Samuels watched his team fall behind by 13 in the second half before rallying.
Check out Aaron Gill drop the dime for Chris Oliver who throws down the slam for 2 of his 9 points.
The Hustlin' Highlanders then play some 'd'. Andre Bynum gets the deflection. Chris Goodin comes up with the loose ball and eventually gets it to Gill for another jami-jam and the comeback was on.
Goodin threw in 18 points today including these three from behind the arc, but it all came down to this in overtime.
[SUPER=33-Coastal Carolina/76/Radford/77/;]

(------------) Olu Popoola gets the leaner to go down. He led RU with 22 points and the Highlanders won it 77 to 76 in OT.
by SS