Another cadet calls it quits at the Virginia Military Institute.

[SUPER=04-November 1996;]

This time its Highland County High School graduate Jennifer Jolin.
Jolin reportedly decided to quit after accumulating several demerits at the Institute.
She is quoted as saying she hopes to return to V-M-I.
Jolin leaves right before "breakout", which marks the end of the rigorous freshman year.


[TAPE#Net(edit of 98-11)]

The State Department of Social Services is investigating the Downtown Learning Center in Roanoke.
That after unpaid bills piled up... and the director was fired.

The agency that accredits the learning center says a number of problems need to be addressed.
Center staff say the health and safety of the children are not at risk.
[SUPER=04-February 1993]

But parents have been told that there's money missing and the rent's not been paid.
Board Member Johnny Miller will not confirm the reports of missing money.
He says there's no reason to believe Center will have to close.


[GRAPHIC=Iraq Conflict]

U-N technical experts have arrived in Iraq.
[SUPER=03-Baghdad, Iraq;]

The team will inspect presidential sites that opened up after last month's accord on weapons inspections.
Those eight sites have been the focal point of the crisis between the U-S and Iraq.
Diplomats will accompany the inspectors, as a way of handling Iraq's concerns over its sovereignty.
The first palace inspections will likely take place later this month.



A White House steward is today's first witness before the grand jury investigating President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.
He's expected to face more questions about whether he saw the President alone with Lewinsky.
[SUPER=03-Washington, DC;]

One of President Clinton's top advisers may ALSO testify today.
Bruce Lindsey reportedly refused to answer many questions at his last appearance.
Today's testimony could spark a showdown over executive privilege.
Meanwhile, President Clinton's personal secretary, Betty Currie's testimony is postponed until next week.
No confirmation yet when or IF the President will go under oath.
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