Welcome one and all to Friday Football Extra!
It is a pleasure to once again have you taking time out of your schedule to enjoy our schedule of games for week number 7.

We begin in Vinton where William Byrd hosted Salem in what the folks in Salem were calling the double-pay back game.

Each of the past two years Byrd beat Salem in tight games, and in fact the Terriers beat them back in 93, as well.

[SUPER=51-Vinton/Salem vs. William Byrd; :00]

The Terrier band marched into a packed house for this showdown.
But Salem led 12-to-nothing at the half and started adding more in the third as Andy Mullins gives the pill to Matt Anderson. He goes around the side and carried it 24 yards to the 8.
E.J. Thomas would finish up the drive with an 8 yard run up the middle. It's 19-to-zip Spartans.
[super=52-Salem/26/William Byrd/0;]

Then in the fourth, on a third and goal from the 2, Anderson powers his way with a dive.
Salem beats Byrd 26-to-nothing to remain undefeated.
[IN Q="It was a...]
[SUPER=50-E.J. Thomas/Salem Running Back; :00]
[super=50-Willis White/Salem Head Coach; :10]
[OUT Q=...challenge for us."]



The Number two team in the Super 7, the Martinsville Bulldogs hosted one of its most bitter rivals tonight in the Bassett Bengals.
[SUPER=51-Martinsville/Bassett vs. Martinsville; :00]

A big crowd was on hand at Dan Greene stadium enjoying a most pleasant evening in the Ville.
The Bulldogs would heat up the evening immediately as Marcus Hairston takes the handoff and then takes off. He gets 35 yards and a first down as he devours the Bassett defense.
Three plays later he takes it in the zone from three yards away. It's another TD for Marcus and a 7-to-nothing lead for the Dogs.
Bassett's T.K. Johnson would try to answer that with this toss to Cedric Watkins, who will take the rocks 44

yards before he's dragged down at the 12. That set up a Bassett score, but Martinsville stays unbeaten with the 35 to 13 win.

Stay tuned more on Marcus Hairston is coming up for you later in tonight's show.



The Friday Football Extra's number three ranked team coming in tonight, Amherst County, continued to not only beat teams, but destroy them.
[SUPER=51-Roanoke/Amherst Co. vs. Patrick Henry; :00]

Coming in to Victory Stadium tonight Amherst had beaten its last two opponents a combined 119-to-nothing.
The Lancers wasted no time tonight in the no-huddle offense as Seneca Sandidge breaks backs and hearts with the 34 yard run all the way down to the PH 3 yard line.
On the next play, Trae Toliver takes it around the right side and in for the score. It's 14-to-nothing Lancers in the first.
Amherst would keep firing up the scoreboard as
[super=52-Amherst Co./61/Patrick Henry/7;]

Sandidge scores this one.
The Lancers pound the Patriots 61 to 7.
Amherst has now won its last three games 180 to 7.



The Christiansburg Blue Demons have been hanging in the Super 7 for the past month, and for the last couple of weeks in the five spot.
Tonight they celebrated homecoming against their greatest all-time rival Blacksburg.
[SUPER=51-Christiansburg/Blacksburg vs. Christiansburg; :00]

The Demon fans were all smiles on the festive occasion as the Demons led 10-to-3 at halftime.
In the third, they went for more as Chris Holmes goes in from 11 yard away to push the Christiansburg advantage to 17-to-3.
Later in the fourth, Blacksburg's offense would try and score as Richie Austin goes to Scott Long - but that drive would stall.
C-Burg added one more for good measure.

Holmes tip toes into the end zone and Christiansburg stays unbeaten with the 23-to-3 win.
[IN Q="They played...]
[SUPER=50-Mike Cole/Christiansburg Head Coach; :00]
[OUT Q=...they had to."]


[GRAPHIC=ffe little]

When we return from a short commercial break we'll turn our attention to the Single-A ranks.
The big Giles-Radford game is coming up along with Steve Isaacs return to Bath County.
But first a few of the week seven scores and the Northside Vikings Marching band. [go to scores and BAND-A] [FFE-Scores]


[SUPER=64-Salem/26/William Byrd/0;]


[SUPER=64-Bath Co./27/Craig Co./14;]


[SUPER=64-Craig Co./14/Bath Co./27;]

[SUPER=64-William Campbell/26/Gretna/21;]

[SUPER=64-Covington/42/James River/8;]

[SUPER=64-Patrick Henry/7/Amherst Co./61;]

[SUPER=64-Franklin Co./14/Pulaski/55;]




Welcome back to the program some 15 years we decided to name Friday Football Extra.

Down in Pearisburg, Giles was hoping to celebrate homecoming with the win over three rivers district rival Radford.

Steve Mason and photographer Scott Ayres tell us how the Bobcats nearly ruined the party with some last second heroics.
[SUPER=51-Pearisburg/Radford vs. Giles;:00]
[SUPER=50-Josh Woods/220 Yards-2 TD's Passing; :20]
[SUPER=50-Micah Steele/128 Yards Rushing-1 TD; :44]
[SUPER=52-Giles/14/Radford/13; 1:20]
[SUPER=50-Andrew Crowder/Radford Tight End; 1:38]
[SUPER=50-Steve Ragsdale/Giles Head Coach; 1:48]
[SUPER=50-Norm Lineburg/Radford Head Coach; 1:55]
[SUPER=58-Steve Mason; 2:05]
[OUT Q=Friday Football Extra.]

[Bath Co.]


Another good single-a game on the week seven schedule was up in Hot Springs where Bath County hosted Craig County in a Pioneer district game.
[SUPER=51-Hot Springs/Craig Co. vs. Bath Co.; :00]

Ironically, Bath County's former head coach Steve Isaacs is now the principal at Craig County.
But the Chargers would be the first to get a charge out of the brisk evening. Justin Smith returns the punt 40 yards, motoring down the right side of the field as Bath takes the early 6-to-nothing.
The Rockets were fueled tonight by Kenny Kendall, who picks up 18 yards on this play to the Bath 7. But Craig had trouble finishing off drives.
Bath on the other hand, did not.
Mike Campbell fires this bullet to Travis Hooper for
[super=52-Craig Co./14/Bath Co./27;]

another touchdown.
Bath County plays its best game of the season and beats Craig County tonight 27 to 14.



After opening the season with an unbeaten string, Shawsville hit some hard times the past couple of weeks losing two in a row.
Tonight, the team was hoping to get back on track on the road.
[SUPER=51-Riner/Shawsville vs. Auburn; :00]

The single-a battle for bragging rights in Montgomery County was all Shawsville from the start.
After blocking an Auburn punt, Ryan Childress would punch it in from five yards out to make it a seven to nothing game.
Shawsville would keep the pressure going again on its next possesion as Brian Caswell makes it out of a traffic jam and goes in the house from 10 yards out. It's 14-to-0 Shawsville.
Childress would take another turn at the zone with

this run midway through the second. The 36 yard dash put the Shawnees in front by three scores.
They win it 40 to nothing.



In Hillsville tonight, the Floyd County Buffaloes took their act on the road to attempt and stampeded the Cavaliers of Carroll County.
[SUPER=51-Hillsville/Floyd Co. vs. Carroll Co.; :00]

It was Homecoming in Carroll County where Crystal Clontz was crowned queen at halftime and Moe Lang was named the king.
Floyd County had little respect for royalty on this evening. Josh Spence, the Buffs main man, takes the handoff down the right sideline and he disapoears into the crowd only to reappear and score from 49 yards out. Floyd leads it 21-to-nothing in the third.
But that would not slow down the Cavalier Crazies as they contiue their efforts to pump everyone up! Wait until the first frost of the year hits those boys!
The Buffs would ice them and the Cavs with Adam Hawkins defensive theft. He takes the ball from the receiver and returns it 20 yards for the score.
[super=52-Floyd Co./28/Carroll Co./0;]

Floyd County hammers Carroll County tonight 28 to 0.



Six sets of highlights involving Group Two A contests from Low Moor to Appomattox to Gretna are coming up right after we digest a few more scores and get in the step with the Giles Spartans marching band. [go to scores]


[SUPER=64-E.C. Glass/56/Halifax Co./6;]

[SUPER=64-G.W. Danville/35/Albemarle/0;]

[SUPER=64-F.-Collinsville/7/Patrick Co./28;]

[SUPER=64-North Cross/21/Fuqua/34;]

[SUPER=64-Carroll Co./0/Floyd Co./28;]

[SUPER=64-Chilhowie/21/Rural Retreat/24;]


[SUPER=64-Liberty/23/Staunton River/51;]

[SUPER=64-Dan River/43/Chatham/22;]

[SUPER=64-Alleghany/45/Lord Botetourt/21;]


[GRAPHIC=ffe logo]

We're back and ready to roll into the Group Two-A ranks.

And we begin this journey in the Alleghany Highlands as two of the top offensive teams squared off with the Mouties hosting Lord Botetourt.
[SUPER=51-Low Moor/Lord Botetourt vs. Alleghany;:00]

It was a big homecoming night in Low Moor with king Ben Knicely holding court with his queen Melinda Peters.
We pick this wild shootout up in the third. Terrell Givens, turns into Terrell Davis and rips off a 25 yard touchdown into your house. Alleghany leads Botetourt 28-to-14 at that point.
The Cavs came right back. Josh Aliveto fires one to Jared White. He makes the catch for the 11 yard score. It's now 28-to-21.
But it was all Alleghany and all Givens from then on
[SUPER=52-Lord Botetourt/21/Alleghany/45;]

as Givens scores his fourth TD of the night.
And Alleghany makes a big statement tonight with a 45-to-21 win over Lord Botetourt.
[IN Q="It was great...]
[SUPER=50-Terrell Givens/Four Touchdowns Tonight; :00]
[super=50-Tony Hart/Lord Botetourt Head Coach; :08]
[OUT Q=...stopping them."]



The Rockbridge County Wildcats traveled to Northside High to try and regroup after their loss to Christiansburg last Friday night.
[SUPER=51-Roanoke Co./Rockbridge Co. vs. Northside; :00]

Northside Head Coach Jim Hickam calls in some plays to his team to get them fired up. The Vikings would respond and get on the board early as Jubal Poindexter punches it in from one yard out to make it 7-to-nothing Northside. Then, check out this run, as Quincy Slash takes the handoff and he will start to his right, run out of room, cut back across the field and he will be off to the races, nobody will catch him but he runs out of gas and falls short of the endzone after a 62-yard gain.
The Vikes would score on the next play to make it 14-to-nothing Vikings.
[super=52-Rockbridge Co./24/Northside/14;]

Rockbridge would cut the lead to 14-to-7 after Clay Hobson pushes his way through the line for the 1-yard score. Northside goes down to defeat 24-to-14.


[GRAPHIC=jeff. forest/app.]

The wild and wacky seminole district took another wild turn tonight as Appomattox hosted Jefferson Forest.
[SUPER=51-Appomattox/Jeff. Forest vs. Appomattox; :00]

This game was so big tonight that this student decided to videotape it for her own private collection.
Early in the first, Appomattox quarterback Chris Evans hooks up with Derrick Moore for an eight yard gain, but look at the price he pays for 8 yards.
Forest would try to generate some offense with Jerton Evans doing the dirty work. He picks up 22 yards on this carry to put the Cavs in business.
And take a look at this effort. Appomattox punter Chris Evans has the ball sail over his head, but he not only tracks it down, but he also manages to elude two would be tacklers and get off a decent kick.
[super=52-Jefferson Forest/16/Appomattox/14;]

Jefferson Forest beats Appomattox 16 to 14. The Cavs host Brookville next Friday.



More Pioneer action tonight in Rustburg as the defending regional champs from Heritage looked to turn the Red Devils Blue in Rustburg.
[SUPER=51-Rustburg/Heritage vs. Rustburg; :00]

These Rustburg fans were all juiced up for their showdown with the Pioneers.
And after trailing 7-to-nothing at the half the Red Devils would make things happen Mike Knight connects with Brent Phillips over the middle. He runs up the gut, fumbles. The Pioneers almost pick it up, but it's Rustburg who finally comes up with the ball. The Devils would get a field goal out of the drive.
But on the ensuing kickoff, Quinn Tanner will field the ball on his five, he decides to run where no one can touch him and he's successful as he rambles 95 yards for the score. It's 14-to-3 Pioneers.
On Rustburg's following series things would get

rougher for the Pioneers as Monteney Wright blocks the punt and Heritage beats the Burg 28-to-3.



A big Dogwood district tilt was staged tonight in Gretna as the upstart Hawks welcomed the always dangerous William Campbell Generals to town.
It was homecoming at Gretna as Robin Hunt was named Queen.
[SUPER=51-Gretna/Wm. Campbell vs. Gretna; :00]

Her classmates then went out and tried to crown the Generals.
But Campbell's Eugene Price takes the ball in from four yards up the middle early to put Gretna in a seven tot nothing hole.
In the second, the Hawks would what else, but start soaring as Thelbert waller connects with his main man Carlos Van Hook on the 60 yard completion all the way to William Campbell 17.
[super=52-William Campbell/26/Gretna/21;]

Several plays later on a fourth down the two connect again - this time for a touchdown.
Gretna loses to William Campbell 26 to 21.

[Patrick Co.]

[GRAPHIC=f.coll/patrick co.]

Let's now take a trip down route 58 to Stuart where the Patrick County Cougars got an eyeful of Fieldale-Collinsville tonight.
[SUPER=51-Stuart/F. Collinsville vs. Patrick Co.; :00]

These fans were voicing their support for Cougar star back Aji Dixon with their signage.
On a fourth and 35, the Cougars punt the ball to FC, but the punt is muffed and Patrick County recovers at the 24 yard line.
Brandon Reed would then start grinding out precious yards for the Cougars as he picks up 16 big ones down to the five.
[super=52-Fieldale-Coll./7/Patrick Co./28;]

From there, Aji Dixon finds a crease on the right side and scores. Patrick County evens its Piedmont district record with the 28 to 7 win.



Three more games are still to come tonight including the district opener for Pulaski County.
And this week's trivia question is also straight ahead.
But first, the ___________ marching band and the completion of the week 7 scoreboard. [go to scores]


[SUPER=64-Holston/30/Rye Cove/58;]

[SUPER=64-James Monroe/20/Princeton/0;]

[SUPER=64-Pocahontas/0/John Battle/27;]

[SUPER=64-Laurel Park/6/Magna Vista/0;]

[SUPER=64-P.H. Glade Spring/34/George Wythe/6;]


[SUPER=64-Bland Co./0/Narrows/36;]

[SUPER=64-Northside/14/Rockbridge Co./24;]

[SUPER=64-Appomattox/14/Jefferson Forest/16;]



Welcome back folks to Friday Football Extra as we now head down into Rocky Mount where the Pulaski County
[GRAPHIC=franklin /pulaski]

Cougars opened defense of their half of the Roanoke Valley district title as they began league play at Cy Dillon stadium.
[SUPER=51-Rocky Mount/Pulaski Co. vs. Franklin Co.; :00]

It was senior night in the Mount as this year's big men on campus were recognized.
But the home boys and home fans found themsevles down 49-to-nothing in the third.
Nathan Angel connects with Nat Hodges on the pass play setting the Eagles up within 15 yards of thier first scroe of the evening.
The very next play Angel would carry the rock end to help the Eagles avoid the skunk. It's 49-to-7.
But Pulaski had this one in the bag from the start.
Bobby Peaslee gets in the show and hands off
[super=52-Pulaski Co./55/Franklin Co./14;]

to Justin McGuire. He steps in and Pulaski rolls out of town with the 55 to 14 win. The Cougars get Fleming next week at home.



In the no so wild west, the Albemarle Patriots were on the road in southside taking on the George Washington Eagles, who were back home after traveling Richmond last week.
[SUPER=51-Danville/Albemarle vs. G.W. Danville; :00]

Several members of the Danville life saving crew were taking in the game and standing by just in case.
But GW had more than enough in reserve tonight. Jeremy Motley scrambles out of the pocket and makes the long pass down field to Ricky Sittle. It covers 43 yards and results in a TD. 21-to-nothing GW at halftime.
Ed Martin would have an easly night on the sideline even though the Patriots' Hunter Price got this completion for 30 yards.
But the GW defense and offense was too much tonight.
[super=52-Albemarle/0/G.W. Danville/35;]

Motley hands off to Terry Echols and he scores on the 10 yard play. The Eagles pitch a 35-to-nothing shutout.



This Afternoon in Roanoke County, the North Cross Raiders played host to the Fuqua Falcons from Farmville.
[SUPER=51-Roanoke Co./Fuqua vs. North Cross; :00]

The Raiders were all set to take care of business at Thomas Field after getting their first win of the year last week.
They would get on the board first as Matt Stover takes the handoff on third and goal and he will run it in for the touchdown around the left side. North cross up 7-to-nothing. But they not be up long, on Fuqua's third play from scrimmage Courtney Irving would take the handoff, find some room, and he would outrun three Raider defenders to the endzone 58 yards for the score to tie the game at seven. Then it was Falcon running back Preston Williams taking the handoff and he would shed tacklers and find
[super=52-Fuqua/34/North Cross/21;]

some daylight to sprint 56 yards for the touchdown to put the Falcons up 14-to-7.
Fuqua beats the Raiders this afternoon 34 to 21.



The winner of our Friday Football Extra trivia contest question from last week is Dusty Richardson of Austinville down in Wythe County.
He will be getting a special 15th anniversary shirt, sweatshirt and a hat.
If you want a chance to win all you have to do is answer this week's simple question correctly.
[OUT Q=...the Fiesta Bowl."]

((Over the years, Friday Football Extra has had a number of its stars move on to the college ranks.
We've had one Heisman Trophy finalist and a handful of players have even made it to the NFL.
One of the players who is still making it in the pros is a big lineman from Lynchburg who used to wear the Orange, Blue and White of Heritage high school.
He now is a defensive starter for the New York Giants. ((SOUNDBITE))
If you know who this gentle giant from the Hill City is, write down his name on a piece of paper along with you name, address and a daytime phone number.
Then mail it to Friday Football Extra contest. WDBJ-7, PO Box 7 Roanoke, Virginia 24022.
A weekly winner will receive our special 15th anniversary prize pack, and then be in the running to win our all-expense paid trip to the Fiesta Bowl.))

[go to break][Super-7]


The Super 7 tonight featured some matchups in the ranks of the unbeaten.
[SUPER=super 7]

and as a result there were a couple of shakeups in the poll.
[SUPER=65-Salem/6-0/Martinsville/6-0/Amherst Co./7-0/Christiansburg/6-0/E.C. Glass/7-0/Giles/6-1/Alleghany/6-1;]

Salem stays a solid number one while Martinsville remains at two. Amherst County has own its last 3 games 180-to-7 and is third.
Christiansburg continues to roll and win big. Glass crushes Halifax and stays undefeated.
Two 6 and 1 teams, Giles and Alleghany finish up the super 7.

And the pollbuster tonight is Heritage. The Pioneers are now 5-and-1.


[GRAPHIC=Player of The Week]

This weeks player of the week has only played one complete game at this point of the season. [Marcus Hairston]
Still, Marcus Hairston is closing in on a thousand yards and carrying the load for the Martinsville Bulldogs.
Roy Stanley has more on the latest big time Bulldog.
[IN Q="first audio]
[SUPER=51-Martinsville; :00]
[SUPER=50-Marcus Hairston/FFE Player of The Week; :18]
[SUPER=50-Taylor Edwards/Martinsville Head Coach; :52]
[SUPER=59-Roy Stanley; 1:44]
[OUT Q=...football extra."]

((At 6 foot 2 and 216 pounds Marcus Hairston is one of the bigger players on the Bulldog offense.
But Hairston credits a neighbor friend, Franco Hairston, for giving him the inspiration to play the game at a top level.)) ((MARCUS HAIRSTON/PLAYER OF THE WEEK:)) ((Opposing defenses are still trying to figure out Hairston's next move. Through five games the Bulldogs running back has carried the ball 87 times for 871 yards, a 10 yard average and he's scored scored 16 touchdowns.
And Hairston has played only 12 and a half quarters in the bulldogs 5 games.)) ((TAYLOR EDWARDS/MARTINSVILLE HEAD COACH:)) ((HAIRSTON:)) ((And Last week, Hairston had a Terrell Davis game against Tunstall. He carried the ball 18 times for 233 yards and three touchdowns, handing the Trojans their first loss of the season.)) ((HAIRSTON:)) ((ROY STANDUP)) ((EDWARDS:)) ((Hairston admits he's a little slack when it comes to academics and if he doesn't qualify for a scholarship he's prep for a year.
Roy Stanley Friday football Extra.))

More big district games are on tap next Friday night.
Hope you can join us right here for week number 8 of the season 98 campaign.
Have a safe weekend folks. [take a break]
by SS