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Copyright Law: US Code, Title 17

Sect. 106: Exclusive rights of creators
Sect. 107: Fair use and limits to exclusive rights
Sect. 108: Libraries and limits to exclusive rights

Digital Millennium Copyright Act

General Information

CETUS: Consortium for Educational Technology in University Systems

Copyright Website: practical applications: basic law, famous cases, Internet and computer-related issues, news, sources and resources

Copyright Laws in the Digital Domain: Web accompaniment to Exploring the Digital Domain's chapter 2, Social Themes: Copyright Laws in the Digital Domain. Describes and explains the Web's impact on copyright and intellectual property issues.

Copyright Implementation Manual, Media Technology Services, Groton Public Schools

US Copyright Office Reports

© Policies at Other Universities

WATCH: Writers, Artists, and Their Copyright Holders (searchable database)

eReserve and Reserve Desk Policies at Other Universities

VT University Libraries

Bibliography of library resources

Copyright homepage

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