QBARS - v10n1 Loiseleuria procumbens

Loiseleuria Procumbens
by John Bacher

Loiselura procumbens (Arctic azalea)
Fig. 1. Loiselura procumbens (Arctic azalea) growing with
Salix arctica on Mt. Juneau
Bacher photo

This fine arctic plant which belongs to the heath family and though it is known as the "Arctic Azalea" has been introduced to our gardens only occasionally. The average gardener will find it difficult, as is the case with many plants that are native to high altitudes. R. camtschaticum, another member of the heath is a true rhododendron, but Loiseleuria is is not. I have seen R. camtschaticum more or less languish in several gardens, but only the experts ever seem to have success with Loiseleuria . I found Loiseleuria procumbens on my trip to Alaska in July 1953* growing on Mt. Juneau amongst Salix arctica and wrote of seeing it almost everywhere and seemingly most happy.

* Gardens for Alaska, By John Bacher, Vol. 6, Page 182, A.R.S. Bulletin