QBARS - v10n1 Dean Collins

Dean Collins
by C. I. Sersanous, President, A.R.S.

A citation was recently awarded in Washington, D.C., to one of the original members and the first editor of the Year Book of the American Rhododendron Society.  The presentation was given for distinguished service to Horticulture and was made at the banquet of the 10th Annual Horticultural Congress by the American Horticultural Council. Supreme Court Justice, William O. Douglas, also of Oregon, was the principal speaker of the evening. The American Horticultural Council represents some 54 horticultural organizations in the United States and of which the American Rhododendron Society is a member organization.  "Dean," as he is familiarly known by his host of gardening friends in Portland and elsewhere, retired some three years ago as Garden Editor of the Journal . Since that time, he has carried on as a free lance writer, garden commentator, and has a daily column in the Journal under the title as a Garden Expert.