QBARS - v10n2 Kurume Azaleas

Kurume Azaleas
Hoyt S. Haddock, Silver Spring, Md.

The hybridizers of the Kurume azaleas chose the following as the top five of their product: 'Carmine Queen' ('Kurai No Himo'), 'Cherry Blossom' ('Takasago'), 'Daybreak' ('Kirin'), 'Pink Pearl' ('Azuma Kagami'), 'Salmon Prince' ('Kimo No Uye')
'Pink Pearl' is the only one of these we grow here. We haven't seen them listed in any catalogues. Are they inferior? What has happened to them?
'Hinodegiri' isn't listed in their choice, yet everyone grows it. Has its name been changed from one of the above?