QBARS - v10n2 Nominations of American Rhododendron Society Officers

The Nomination Of Officers of the American Rhododendron Society

The committee on nominations appointed by the President, nominates the following members to fill the six vacancies of the Board of Directors of the American Rhododendron Society:

HARRY L. PEARCY - Salem, Oregon:  Nurseryman.
O. R. NEST - Oak Grove, Oregon:  Wholesale automotive parts salesman; rhododendron fancier and collector, has done much work in setting up Portland ARS shows and is active in development of Trial Garden and Exhibition Cool House.
R. M. SNODGRASS - Portland, Oregon:  Nurseryman; has been most active in setting up Portland ARS shows, chairman for 1956 show, headed committee in setting up the ARS exhibits at the 1954 and 1955 Multnomah County Spring Flower Shows.
C. T. HANSEN - Portland, Oregon:  Incumbent; draftsman for Bonneville Power Administration; rhododendron fancier and collector, always active in ARS shows, chairman of committee for development of Trial Garden and designed proposed Exhibition-Cool House now under construction.
JOHN BACHER - Portland, Oregon:  Incumbent; interested in all Horticulture, recipient of several national awards in horticulture, always active and interested in all matters pertaining to rhododendrons.
CARL FAWCETT - Tacoma. Washington:  Incumbent; jeweler; past president Tacoma Chapter ARS, rhododendron fancier and collector especially interested in dwarf varieties, always interested in promoting activities of ARS.
JOHN HENNY - Brooks, Oregon:  Nurseryman; past president of ARS and past member of Board of Directors, hybridizer, long active in promotion of genus rhododendron.
J. HAROLD CLARKE - Long Beach, Washington:  Incumbent; propagator and grower of rhododendrons; Ph.D. in Horticulture, headed committees on nomenclature, naming and ratings, Editor of Yearbook of ARS.