QBARS - v10n3 Plants Donated to Test Garden

Plants Donated to Test Garden

The following plants, many of which are large specimens, were willed to the Society Test Garden by the late Mrs. L. O. Stockdale.

R. 'May Day' R. 'Naomi Exbury'
Fig. 30.  R. 'May Day', one of the
plants of the Mrs. Stockdale
Collection willed to the Society
R. Henny photo
Fig. 31.  R. 'Naomi Exbury' from
the late Mrs. Stockdale Collection
R. Henny photo
'Arthur Osborn' 'May Day'
'Annie E. Endtz' 'Mrs. W. C. Slocock'
'Azor' 'Mrs. G. W. Leak'
'Blue Tit' 'Mme. F. J. Chauvin'
'Betty Wormald' 'Mars'
'Broughtonii Aureum' 'Naomi'
'Countess of Derby' 'Pink Pearl'
'Dawns Delight' 'Prince C. de Rohan'
'Dido' 'Romany Chai'
'Gomer Waterer' 'Unique'
'Goldsworth Yellow' 'Unknown Warrior'
'Goblin' 'Venator'
'Grosclaude' Eastern native azaleas
'Impi' 23 evergreen azaleas
'Jan Dekens' R. vaseyi
'Jean Marie de Montague' 6 Mollis type azaleas
'Lady Bligh' Magnolia sellata
'Moonstone' Magnolia soulangeana
'Margaret Dunn'