QBARS - v10n3 Results of Portland Chapter Show

Results of Portland Chapter Show
Held at Portland, Oregon, May 19-20, 1956

CLASS. Azalea Deciduous Hybrids
Cecile (Exbury) H. J. Slonecker 1st.
Occidentale Hyb. George D. Grace 2nd.
Hugh Wormald H. J. Slonecker 3rd.
CLASS. Azalea Deciduous species
calendulaceum George D. Grace 1st.
occidentale The Bovees 2nd.
calendulaceum Carl F. Freilinger 3rd.
CLASS. Azalea Evergreen Hybrid
Rosebud (Gable) Cecil C. Smith 1st.
Glamour (Glen Dale) O. R. Neet 2nd.
Mucronatum Cecil C. Smith special
CLASS. Azaleadendron
Broughtonii Aureum H. J. Slonecker lst.
Broughtonii Aureum Rocco Cappelli 2nd.
Galloper Light The Hansens 3rd.
CLASS. Rhododendron species
catawbiense alba Carl F. Freilinger 1st.
ponticum George Grace 2nd.
litiense H. J. Slonecker 3rd.
Countess of Derby Cecil Smith 1st
Romany Rocco Cappelli 2nd.
Mrs. Furnival Mrs. Allison 3rd.
Mars George Grace 1st.
Mars Mrs. Allison 2nd.
Britannia Mrs. Cason 3rd.
CLASS. Purple
Purple Splendor Signe Swanson 1st.
Purple Splendor George Grace 2nd.
Blue Peter Henry Swanson 3rd.
CLASS. White
Mother of Pearl The Hansens 1st.
Sappho The Bovees 2nd.
Mrs. P. D. Williams Wales Wood 3rd.
CLASS. Lavender
Mrs. E. C. Sterling Mrs. Cason 1st.
Mrs. Chas. Pearson Mrs. Cason 2nd.
Mrs. Chas. Pearson Henry Swanson 3rd.
CLASS. Yellow
Lady Bessborough H. J. Slonecker 1st.
Mrs. Betty Robertson C. I. Sersanous 2nd.
Goldsworth Yellow Mrs. Cason 3rd.
PLANTS. Rhododendron
Mars Esch Nursery 1st.
Purple Splendor Esch Nursery 2nd.
Purple Splendor Esch Nursery 3rd.
PLANTS. Azalea
Exbury seedling Rocco Cappelli 1st.
Exbury seedling Rocco Cappelli 2nd.
Exbury seedling Rocco Cappelli 3rd.