QBARS - v11n3 The 1957 Portland Chapter Rhododendron Show

The 1957 Portland Chapter Rhododendron Show

The Thirteenth Annual Portland Chapter Rhododendron Show was held at the Society's Test Garden and Exhibition House at Crystal Springs Lake May 18 and 19.
Due to an early blooming season in the Portland area the height of the blooming was reached some ten days before the show. Several hot days, the temperature reaching 91° on one of them, occurred in the second week preceding the show. However, the week of the show was quite cool and I believe it was this factor that made the show the success that it was. Some 529 entries were made in the cut flower competition by a total of 28 exhibitors. Both figures are among the highest ever recorded.
The show committee consisted of C. T. Hansen, Show Chairman; George Grace and Howard Slonecker, Co Chairmen; C. I. Sersanous, publicity; Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Schink, ticket sales; Mrs. O. R. Neet, garden club arrangements; Mrs. Ruth Hansen, information, and C. T. Hansen, awards and classification.
Show Chairmen Ted Hansen had the misfortune of becoming seriously ill prior to the show and his presence at the show was certainly missed by all. However, Ted is making a satisfactory recovery and we look forward to his participation in future shows.
Judges were as follows:

  • A. R. Cook, Vancouver, B.C., Canada
  • Edward B. Dunn, Seattle, Washington
  • Dr. Carl Phetteplace, Eugene, Oregon
  • Mrs. D. W. James, Eugene, Oregon
  • Carl Fawcett, Tacoma, Washington
  • Rudolph Henny, Brooks, Oregon

The principal winners in the competition were:

  • Mrs. B. E. Torpen: Sweepstakes Award for best truss in show, a splendid truss of Mars.
  • Esch Nursery: Bronze Plaque for best commercial exhibit. Best plant in show award was also won by Esch Nursery with a large plant of Mars.
  • Hillside Nursery: Second place in the commercial exhibits.
  • Rudolph Henny: Dr. Goodman Cup for the best new American hybrid.
  • Howard Slonecker: Dr. Corbin Cup for the most points in the cut flower competition.
  • Robert Bovee: Special award for a splendid educational display featuring dwarf varieties.
  • Esch Nursery: Special award for an outstanding example of Kalmia in their commercial exhibit.