QBARS - v12n3 American Rhododendron Society Tacoma Chapter 1958 Show

A.R.S. Tacoma Chapter 1958 Show
Russ Coovert, Chairman

The Tacoma Chapter's 9th annual show was held May 10th and 11th in the spacious lobby of the Bank of California and was conceded by many to have been one of the better shows we have had. The success of our show was due entirely to the fine cooperation and hard work of our membership and nurserymen who displayed with us, and the hundreds of specimen size plants shown, transformed the bank into a rhododendron lovers dream of paradise.
This being the first competitive show, we approached it with some misgivings, but were pleased with the results. The judges were, Brian Mulligan, Bruce Leber and Endre Ostbo, and the results follow:


CLASS 1 Best Plant Hybrid Seedling (not shown before) Trophy
Washington Hardware Co. trophy. Must be won two consecutive years for permanent possession.  Won by Carl Fawcett
CLASS 2 Best specimen Hybrid (over three feet) Cup
1. Carl Fawcett - 'Jean Marie Montague'
2. Carl Fawcett - 'Jean Marie Montague'
3. I. S. Broxon - 'Mrs. E. C. Sterling'
CLASS 3 Best Specimen Hybrid (under three feet) Cup
1. Art Turner - 'Betty Wormald'
2. Clark & Budil - 'Laura Aberconway'*
3. Clark & Budil - 'Naomi'
CLASS 4 Best Specimen Species (over three feet) Cup
1. I. S. Broxson - decorum
CLASS 5-Best Specimen Species (under three feet) Cup
1. H. L. Larson - mucronatum var. album
2. Herb Bower - mucronatum var. lavender
3. G. W. Peace - trichostomum var. radinum

CLASS 6 Best plant in show (from Class 2, 3, 4, 5) Trophy
Schoenfelds trophy. Must be won two consecutive years for permanent possession. Won by Carl Fawcett with 'Jean Marie Montague'
CLASS 7 Best Commercial Display Trophy
Bank of California N. A. trophy. Must be won two consecutive years for permanent possession.
1. Elwood Budil and Clark's Rainbow Gardens
2. I. S. Broxson and Tacoma Seed
3. H. L. Larson

*The plant shown as 'Laura Aberconway' excited a great deal of comment, being one of the largest flowered reds ever seen here. The plant, owned by Elwood Budil was frozen to the ground in the big freeze and it is believed the present plant is from the understock, the individual flowers measured 4 ½" across and 2 ½" deep, and 6 to 10 in a truss. Having survived the freeze should be hardy and worthy of further study.

CLASS 8 Best Red
1. Fred Robbins - 'Bonfire'
2. Gordon Goss - 'Jean Marie Montague'
3. Carl Fawcett - 'Bonfire'
CLASS 9 Best Pink
1. Beverley Harvey - 'Betty Wormald'
2. Herb Bowen - 'Pilgrim'
3. Fred Robbins - 'Lady Roseberry'
CLASS 10 Best Blue-Purple
1. Ted Fawcett - 'Purple Splendor'
2. Art Turner - 'Blue Peter'
3. Ellis Green - R. ponticum
CLASS 11 Best Yellow
1. Fred Robbins - 'Betty Robertson'
2. Fred Robbins - 'Lady Bessborough'
3.    - Letty Edwards'
CLASS 12 Best White
1. Carl Fawcett - 'White Swan'
2. Mrs. E. E. Johnson - 'Loders White'
3. Roy Myers - 'Loders White'
CLASS 13 Best Orange
1. Fred Robbins - 'Lady Chamberlain'
*CLASS 14 Best Dwarf Red
2. John Eichelser -'Mayday'
3. Carl Fawcett  - 'Vega'
*CLASS 15-Best Dwarf Pink
1. Mrs. Helen Janeck - R. trichostomum var. radinum
2. Mrs. Helen Janeck - R. cremastum
*CLASS 16 Best Dwarf Blue-Purple
1. Mrs. Helen Janeck - R. keleticum
2. George Pease - R. tsangpoense var.
3. Carl Fawcett - R. fastigiatum
*CLASS 17 Best Dwarf Yellow
1. Carl Fawcett  - 'Yellow Hammer'
*CLASS 18 Best Dwarf White
1. George Pease - R. trichocladum
*CLASS 19 Best Dwarf Orange
2. Carl Fawcett - 'Fabia'

*From dwarf plant under three feet at ten years old.

CLASS 20 Best Azaleodendron
l. Ellis Green - 'Broughtonii Aureum'
2. Mrs. E. E. Johnson - 'Broughtonii Aureum'
3. Ellis Green - 'Broughtonii Aureum'
CLASS 21 Best Knaphill (Exbury)
1. Gordon Goss - 'Mary Clair'
2. Carl Fawcett - 'Gibraltar'
3. Helen Janeck - 'Cecile'
CLASS 22 Best Deciduous Azalea (Spray)
(Except Knaphill (Exbury)
1. Helen Janeck - Pontica
2. Mrs. E. E. Johnson - R. occidentale
3. H. L. Larson - 'Mrs. G. Van Nordt'
CLASS 23 Best Evergreen Azalea (Spray)
1. Helen Janeck - R. mucronatum
2. Helen Janeck - 'Mars'
3. Gordon Goss - 'Palestrina'
CLASS 24 Best Truss in Show
1. Beverley Harvey - 'Betty Wormald'
CLASS 25 Highest Total Points
(Class 8 through 23: 1st place ribbon, 5 points; 2nd, 3 points; 3rd, 1 point)  Won by Helen Janeck

We were fortunate in having at our show 3 award judges and the list of awards given are as follows:

P.  A. Awards
Exhibitor Parentage Name
Mrs. Edward Johnson 'Diva' x fortunei (plant from Ostbo) 'Gladys Johnson'
Endre Ostbo discolor x discolor hybrid No Name
Mrs. Teresa Coen Purple Splendor seedling 'Colonel Coen'
H. L. Larson 'Marinus Koster' x 'Snow Queen' 'Elizabeth Titcomb'
H. L. Larson 'Marinus Koster' x 'Snow Queen' 'Julie Titcomb'
A.  E. Awards
Endre Ostbo occidentale x 'Mrs. Donald Graham' No Name
Carl P. Fawcett Maybe discolor x 'Loderi' G. (plant from Ostbo) 'Opal Fawcett'