QBARS - v13n1 New Olympic Peninsula Chapter

New Olympic Peninsula Chapter
Mrs. Carl Blank, Sequim, Washington

The Olympic Peninsula Chapter was granted chapter status in the American Rhododendron Society by Board action November 23, 1958.
It has long been in the mind of several members of the American Rhododendron Society to organize a chapter on our lovely Olympic Peninsula. Our area is noted for an abundance of native rhododendron R. macrophyllum that grow along the highways, and forests. Hybrid plants also do very well in the gardens. A group of rhododendron enthusiasts met at Port Townsend in June 1958 and discussed the formation of a Chapter in the American Rhododendron Society. The work of this organizational move was carried by Mrs. Lee Davis, Mrs. H. Gleason and Mr. W. E. Whitney. Twenty members paid dues at the meeting to qualify the new Chapter of the Society.
The counties of Clallam, Jefferson and Mason all border on Puget Sound in the western most part of the State. The soil and climate of this region are very favorable for growing rhododendrons. Special interest in rhododendrons, the state flower of the State of Washington, is manifested yearly in the Annual Rhododendron Festival in Port Townsend. The Chapter headquarters will be in that city.
The first Chapter Show is being planned, and will be held in May in Port Townsend. The members of the Society will meet six times a year and at each meeting one hour will be allocated to the study of rhododendron and a discussion of their habits.
The officers of the new Chapter are William Glenn, President; Mrs. Seymour Howard, Vice President; Mrs. Carl Blank, Secretary-treasurer. The Board of Directors are: E. F. Drake, Seymour Howard, William Whitney and Mrs. Lee Davis. New members attended from the cities of Port Angeles, Sequim, Woodland, Quilcene, Brinnon, and Port Townsend. New members and visitors are welcome to attend the meetings.