QBARS - v13n1 Azaleas in Indianapolis

Azaleas in Indianapolis
By James L. Rowe, Indianapolis, Indiana

Members of the Indianapolis Chapter A.R.S.
Fig. 5.  Members of the newly formed Indianapolis Chapter A.R.S. inspect azaleas in
the garden of Kurt F. Pantzer.   Left to right are: Dr. Paul N. Harris, Dr. Gordon H.
Svoboda, Dr. James L. Rowe, Dr. Yen Loo, Mrs. Rowe, Kurt Pantzer, Dr. Edwin
H. Flynn, Mrs. W. V. Kommer, Mrs. Alice P. Foltz and Dr. Mack McCormick,
President of the Chapter.

On May 18 members of the Society were invited to view the gardens of Mr. Kurt F. Pantzer. Mr. Pantzer has been growing azaleas and rhododendrons in the Indianapolis area for about 25 years, and some of his original plants are still alive and blooming (Fig. 5). Not only were the gardens beautiful largely because of Mr. Pantzer's careful selection of pastel shadings in his flowers, but also his numerous hints concerning the care and nurture of heaths in this area.